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MahoningMarket street @ western reserve roadNoNoYesInclined to AgreeInclined to AgreeInclined to Agree1 (Least Important)33Very Dissatisfied
This work put a turning lane going south to woodworth road in front of my driveway. I have to sit in the left north bound lane to turn into my drive which is to the west on market street. All that was needed was to make the turning lane for western reserve road an additional 30 ft or less so I can get into the turning lane leaving traffic flow north. I was almost involved in accident again hence the comment, regards, Nick Dorazio 9068 Market Street, North Lima, Ohio 44452
LucasWest River Road, Maumee, OH 43537NoNoNoStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly Agree435 (Most Important)Very Satisfied
Thank you, thank you, thank you! As a resident and avid cyclist, I love riding through River Road and Sidecut Metropark. Thank you for making it possible to enjoy the scenery and completing the job in an efficient manner. Keep up the good work!
SanduskySR 53 at Level Dr.NoNoNoNeutralNeutralNeutral345 (Most Important)Very Dissatisfied
The intersection of Level Dr. & SR53 is dangerous since SR 53 has been repaved. The approach on Level Dr. is too steep, especially when there will be ice & snow this winter.  The approach needs to be longer so it will not be so steep when turning ont SR53.  The approaches on the other intersections are twice as long.  Please drive out and take a look at this.  Thank you.
JeffersonState Route 7YesNoYesStrongly DisagreeStrongly DisagreeStrongly Disagree5 (Most Important)5 (Most Important)5 (Most Important)Very Dissatisfied
The repaving project done last summer was poorly done and there were weeks at a time when NO crews were working.  Shelly and Sandspaving crews did a VERY poor job.  Just come and look at tge grinding of the new road surface just to get it smoothed.  This will open the bottom layers to premature ddeterioration.   Its a same this is becoming the norm for high priced projects and poor quality workmanship
AshlandSR 511YesYesYesStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeInclined to Agree333Very Satisfied
The only thing i couldn't believe was how many people actually ignored the road closed signs. Including Semi's ,& bigger trucks. They actually pulled up to the barracades & waited like they were going to go through.
WayneSR 94YesYesYesStrongly AgreeInclined to AgreeStrongly Agree5 (Most Important)5 (Most Important)5 (Most Important)Very Satisfied
Ashlandsr 603YesYesNoStrongly AgreeInclined to AgreeInclined to Agree324Satisfied
One of the culverts had a cave in blocking most of the pipe......nothing was done until I called it in but the next day they did look at it so that was good but they didn't dig the ditch back out.
2nd the mileage to the closing needs to be MUCH BIGGER AND CLEARER. Plus a note of no further exits out are available. Too many people follow all the way down to the closing......I know some are just looking but others test to see if there are other quicker detours or exits. This should be more clear to people not use to the road. The mileage to the closing was very small and hard to read. When semi's came down the road...........something is wrong especially when they had no way to turn around. I know this is many the drivers choosing but bigger clear signs may have many people divert sooner.
Columbianast Rt 517NoNoNoNeutralStrongly DisagreeStrongly Disagree41 (Least Important)5 (Most Important)Very Dissatisfied
Your employee Joy Dailey did not properly take care of the road, resulting in 3 deaths, 4 accidents. She failed to scrape the road, her plow was up, only salting over ice. She was takenoff the route so that tells you something was wrong. Did she finally lose her job? She should be held accountable partly on these deaths.
Lucas75/475YesNoNoStrongly DisagreeInclined to DisagreeInclined to Disagree5 (Most Important)1 (Least Important)5 (Most Important)Somewhat Dissatisfied
It would be nice to be notified when you decide to close down the west bound ramp.no one likes having to drive past the ghetto and multiple bars to get home from work at 2:15 a.m. if you would notify the local news or have it on your website that would be great! Not to mention the fuel and time wasted.you even have the signs out with no indication of what may be happening later in the night.
Columbianasr 517YesNoYesStrongly DisagreeStrongly DisagreeNeutral5 (Most Important)35 (Most Important)Very Dissatisfied
Jan.28,2013 517 was not maintenced ,not taken care of. Worker Joy Dailey did no perform her job with the roads. Only salted did not scrape at all, That road is hazardous enough.  4 accidents that morning, resulting in three deaths. Why is this employee stll at Odot? she should had been terminated not just taken off the route.
BelmontSR 9 beween Centerville and Armstong MillsNoNoNoNeutralNeutralNeutral5 (Most Important)33Neutral
The contractor did a beautiful job spot paving this road, new lines center and edge, Now why is the state cutting ditches across it to put in new culverts shouldn't this is been done first
BelmontSR 9 between Armstrong Mills and St. Clairsville YesYesYesNeutralNeutralNeutral5 (Most Important)5 (Most Important)5 (Most Important)Very Dissatisfied
All culvert locations are sinking, bad back fill operation, when road is paved, will be able to find all crossings, also place new culvert after the road was paved last year on SR 9 mm 2 =/-
ColumbianaSr 164 south of LisbonYesYesNoNeutralStrongly DisagreeNeutral35 (Most Important)3Very Dissatisfied
a couple areas were not completed. There have been signs warning of bumps for 3 months. Paving stopped short of 2 bridges and one other area for no reason. Still has not been completed.
BelmontSR 147 between bethesda and barnesvilleYesYesYesNeutralNeutralNeutral5 (Most Important)1 (Least Important)5 (Most Important)Very Dissatisfied
The new road is a disgrace, I hope they are going to put a finish layer on it, I hope ODOT did  not accept this.
FranklinI70NoNoNoStrongly DisagreeStrongly DisagreeStrongly Disagree1 (Least Important)1 (Least Important)1 (Least Important)Very Dissatisfied
Was wondering if there is a smoking policy and if not, there should be. Crews should not be aloud to smoke in state vehicles that we pay for. Saw a guy blocking in a dump truck this morning on I70 and smoking with just a wing window open. So not professional and not appreciated since as motoring public, I and so many others pay for.
LucasLangenderfer Drive between Douglas Road and Garrison Road. It is a similar situation on the south side of the expressway.NoNoNoNeutralNeutralNeutral344Very Dissatisfied
Two or three weeks ago state crews cut brush along I-75. Most of the debris is still there, on both sides of the fence that runs along the expressway.
HenryHenry Country Construction on St Rt 110YesYesYesInclined to DisagreeNeutralNeutral5 (Most Important)45 (Most Important)Somewhat Dissatisfied

This is the most poorly planned and managed construction I've seen since living in this city. I understand the need to close a lane for the workers and equipment, but to not allow residents to come and go from their dwelling places is just sloppy. Turning left from Maumee lane or the houses along 110 is a matter of 10 to 20 feet.
Why isn't there a temporary timed traffic light, or a traffic director to enable residents to leave their homes?
There is often an excavator that blocks the open lane and  therefor turning right risks damaging your vehicle or having to drive through someone's yard.
We have had days where we are unable to even go down the open lane because of equipment or construction and have no prior notice.
My wife was issued a ticket today for turning left out of Maumee lane while she was on her way to the hospital. Wouldn't a warning have sufficed or even some more effort to take the residents and tax payers into consideration?
this is unfair treatment for the residents. I feel as the issue was overlooked and could have been remedied easily.
Woodst rt 199NoNoNoNeutralNeutralNeutral1 (Least Important)34Very Dissatisfied
the guardrail in front of our home was damaged from an accident. crews replaced the guardrail but left the dirt there and did not restone the area between the road and the guardrail. when we replace our mailbox (was destroyed in the accident) you will have to walk through the mud to get our mail. State employee told me this is within the state guildlines and it will not be restoned. we are talking about 10-15 ft to redo.
FultoneverywhereNoNoNoStrongly DisagreeNeutralNeutral5 (Most Important)5 (Most Important)5 (Most Important)Very Dissatisfied
Why are you making life h_ll for everyone in NW OHIO. The problem is you will never get finished with this work . You just did a major repair on I-75 which took years and now you are working on I-75 in the same area!!! WHO'S IN CHARGE!!!!!!
WoodRoachton Road at SR 199YesNoNoStrongly DisagreeStrongly DisagreeStrongly Disagree5 (Most Important)5 (Most Important)5 (Most Important)Very Dissatisfied
With the closure of the I-475 ramps, this used to be an alternative route. Now this route is ruined, and heavy trucks are are going through downtown Perrysburg. These vehicles do not belong there!
LucasAirport at Holloway/AlbonNoNoYesStrongly AgreeInclined to DisagreeNeutral5 (Most Important)5 (Most Important)5 (Most Important)Very Dissatisfied
ODOT Vehicles blocked our business drive on numerous occasions. Example one: Dump truck blocked access to our store parking lot. A customer pulled up to drive to leave, truck did not notice car. When owner asked him to move, witnessed him on his cell phone.
Example two: A supervisor parked her SUV in front of our drive, blocking access to our parking lot. When approached by owner, a road worker told us the supervisor was down the road and if keys were in it, we could move it.  We did.
PikeLake White ProjectYesNoYesInclined to AgreeStrongly DisagreeInclined to Agree5 (Most Important)5 (Most Important)5 (Most Important)Somewhat Dissatisfied
551/104 has been closed close to a year now, we were told 551/104 would re-open by November and now this is pushed back to June. Extremely dissatisfied and a huge inconvenience.
FultonSr 109YesYesNoNeutralNeutralNeutral5 (Most Important)33Neutral
We were notified by a sign on the road.  No clue where or why they are closing the road.  Most of these questions don't apply yet.
SenecaState Route 101NoNoYesStrongly DisagreeNeutralNeutral35 (Most Important)5 (Most Important)Very Dissatisfied
First you put up idiot proof sign when to pass/not pas then you repainted lines on the road then you came back through & Stone Chipped a state route road that didn't need fixing & is completely uncalled for we pay god tax money to have state routes PAVED not stone chipped oh & mow you get to repaint the lines you just painted what a waste of time & money this is ridiculous & uncalled for stone chipping such a major road
Knox229 westYesNoNoNeutralNeutralNeutral5 (Most Important)5 (Most Important)5 (Most Important)Very Dissatisfied
Why would the state allow a route be "chip & seal" a major state route (229w) even when the pavement on the route isn't deteriorated to repair or patch?
LucasBowen Road BridgeNoNoNoStrongly DisagreeStrongly DisagreeStrongly Disagree5 (Most Important)5 (Most Important)5 (Most Important)Very Dissatisfied
Why do you schedule nigh time work in the middle of a neighbor? How is my family supposed to sleep with all the noise? Are you going to pay for my hotel room to get away from the noise? Typical government agency Heads up their @sses!
Woodrt 25 & 475 Perrysburg ohio (Div. Diamond) & Perrysburg roundaboutsYesYesYesInclined to AgreeNeutralInclined to Agree333Very Dissatisfied
Looks good. BUT we hate it, people avoid it and use the back roads. Either the north or south bound lanes are always stopped, by design. I'm not alone.
Also, the roundabouts, please stop, go back to stop lights.
LucasRt 2 Airport Hwy by 475/23 and Spring Meadows MallNoNoNoStrongly DisagreeNeutralNeutral5 (Most Important)5 (Most Important)5 (Most Important)Very Dissatisfied
Very slow progress. Days upon days where nothing was done. Lanes marked but closed causing massive congestion.
RossCounty Road 550 from Chillicothe to Frankfort NoNoNoInclined to AgreeInclined to DisagreeNeutral333Neutral
My main concern is that now that 550 has been resurfaced by Cox Paving, the lanes are obviously narrower than before.  I’m not sure what the standard is but it is definitely not as wide as it was. I followed a school bus one morning and it appeared that it was “hugging”  both the center and side lines. Can someone please investigate this issue. Thank you.
LucasSR 2 Airport hwy between holloway & I475YesNoYesStrongly DisagreeInclined to AgreeNeutral5 (Most Important)5 (Most Important)5 (Most Important)Very Dissatisfied
The workmanship was great. Your timing in doing the project SUCKED. Paving a busy section of highway during rush hour, POOR PLANNING. THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN A NIGHT JOB.
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