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Office of Maintenance Administration Contacts

Office Phone: (614) 466-3264      Fax: (614) 728-5590

Acting Administrator: Dave Holstein, P.E. - (614) 644-8137



 Maintenance Administration Contact List

collapse Section : Administrative ‎(2)
Brooks, Kenny
Radio Communication
Radio Tech Manager(614) 752-0404kenny.brooks@dot.state.oh.us
Lawrence, Sheila
Fiscal Support
Executive Secretary(614) 466-3382sheila.lawrence@dot.state.oh.us
collapse Section : Field Operations ‎(4)
Grier, Sam
Buckeye Traffic
Data Analysis
Strategic Initiative Support
Web Manager
Management Analyst Supervisor 1(614) 644-8131samuel.grier@dot.state.oh.us
Griesdorn, Drew
Snow & Ice
Transportation Engineer 3(614) 644-1951andrew.griesdorn@dot.state.oh.us
Johnson, Abner
Weather Systems Coordinator
Emergency Management Support
Planner 3(614) 466-4859abner.johnson@dot.state.oh.us
Lucas, Scott
Adopt - A - Highway
Gateway Landscaping
Vegetation Management
Administrative Assistant 4(614) 644-6603scott.lucas@dot.state.oh.us
collapse Section : Maintenance Conditions & Systems Management ‎(6)
Alatsis, Dean
Engineering Specifications
Transportation Engineer 2(614) 466-8465dean.alatsis@dot.state.oh.us
Alton, Roger
Maintenance Quality Surveys
MQS Researcher(614) 466-3264roger.alton@dot.state.oh.us
Hill, Brenda
Material Contract Coordinator
Fiscal Specialist(614) 644-7165brenda.hill@dot.state.oh.us
Mark Messick
Management Analyst Supervisor 2(614) 466-6464mark.messick@dot.state.oh.us
McColeman, P.E., Mike
Assistant Administrator(614) 644-7155mike.mccoleman@dot.state.oh.us
Meyer, Robert
Maintenance Quality Surveys
MQS Researcher(614) 466-3264robert.meyer@dot.state.oh.us
collapse Section : Permits ‎(18)
Barker, Michael
Routine Issues
Permit Tech Supervisor(614) 351-5530michael.barker@dot.state.oh.us
Barr, Robert
Routine Issue Support
Permit Tech 2(614) 351-2300bob.barr@dot.state.oh.us
Bennett, Phillip
Computer Systems Support
Mini Computer Systems Programmer(614) 351-5532phillip.bennett@dot.state.oh.us
Brooks, Julie
Routine Issue Support
Permit Tech 2(614) 351-2300julie.brooks@dot.state.oh.us
Coombs, Sheila
Routine Issue Support
Permit Tech 2(614) 351-2300sheila.coombs@dot.state.oh.us
Darman, Dick
SHP Computer Section Manager
Systems Supervisor(614) 351-5552dick.darman@dot.state.oh.us
Honefanger, Jeff
Section Administration
Permit Systems
Route/Superload Issues
Assistant Administrator(614) 351-5520jeff.honefanger@dot.state.oh.us
Jones, Robert
Routine Issue Support
Permit Tech 2(614) 351-2300bob.jones@dot.state.oh.us
Kelly, Michelle
Administrative Support
Receptionist(614) 351-2300michelle.kelly@DOT.STATE.OH.US
Moreland, Mike
Superload Support
Permit Tech 2(614) 351-2300mike.moreland@dot.state.oh.us
Murray, Rhonda
Superload Support
Permit Tech 2(614) 351-2300rhonda.murray@dot.state.oh.us
Newsome, Randy
Field Escort Support
Permit Tech 1(614) 351-5531randy.newsome@dot.state.oh.us
O'Kane, Jeri
Administrative Support
Account Clerk Supervisor(614) 351-5554jeri.o'kane@dot.state.oh.us
Potts, Mark
Field Escort Support
Permit Tech 1(614) 351-5556mark.potts@dot.state.oh.us
Smith, Amber
Field Escort Support
Office Assistant(614) 351-5522amber.smith@dot.state.oh.us
Toler, Chevon
Administrative Support
Insurance Clerk(614) 351-5551chevon.toler@dot.state.oh.us
Webster, Tonya
Routine Issue Support
Permit Tech 1(614) 351-5536tonya.webster@dot.state.oh.us
Whiteman, Jeffrey
Superload Support
Field Escort Supervision
Permit Tech Supervisor(614) 351-5537jeff.whiteman@dot.state.oh.us

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