Ohio Special Hauling Permits may be paid by Credit Card, in two ways

        1.  On a per permit basis.  Each time a permit is requested and submitted through the internet system, you may designate a credit card to be used in its payment.   The Fee for each permit will be the State Fee plus a surcharge by Vitalchek.  The surcharge is $6.00.  The Credit card processing and approval is performed by a third party vendor, LexisNexis - VitalChek of Brentwood Tennessee.  If any error messages appear related to the credit card event on the Hauling Permits System, call their HelpLine at 800-669-8312. 

        2.  As a lump sum payment into your Permit Escrow account. From the log-in page in OHPASS select "DEPOSIT TO ACCOUNT FROM CREDIT CARD". A Page will appear with a Deposit Amount field. In this field enter the amount to be deposted. Then enter the credit card number in the appropriate field and select the credit Card Type. There will be a surcharge fee of 4% (or $5, whichever is greater) of the amount (e.g. on a $100 lump sum transaction, the credit card fee is $5; whereas if you use a credit card to purchase ten permits, the credit card fee is $60).

There are 4 credit cards that are accepted, American Express, Discover, Master Card or Visa.

The State of Ohio DOES NOT retain your credit card number in our system.

The fee for a Ohio Hauling Permit is not incurred until the permit is issued.  In any event that a request is submitted but the permit is not issued for one reason or another, there is no fee charged.

Your monthly credit card statement will identify the Ohio Hauling Permit purchase as "VCN * Ohio DOT   Columbus".