Companies requesting Ohio Hauling Permits usually elect to have their Hauling Permit faxed. The following describes how the Permit Office faxing process works and how the customer can insure receipt of their faxed permit in minimum time.
1. Permit faxing is handled via a computer faxing subsystem. This system successfully faxes over 1000 permits per day, 98% of these within 10 minutes after the permit is issued. The 2% of all faxes fail on the initial attempt (4 tries within the first 16 minutes) and are retried again 15 minutes later for up to an hour. Permits with an invalid fax number are not retried. The customer must do a permit revision ("Revise Issued" or "Revise Fax" function) to designate a different fax number.
2. Every day about 20 to 30 permits fail the fax transmission via this automated system. Half of these failures are due to an incorrect fax number being requested by the customer. 
a. a voice line
b. a disconnected line
c. a wrong number
The requesting agent (the hauler or the permit service) will be notified of these failures.  The remaining failures are due to:
a. Receiving fax machines whose fax tone do not occur within 3 rings
b. Line noise
c. Fax machines that require a manual pickup by the customer and a subsequent transferring action to the fax machine.
These failing fax permits will then be attempted on our manual fax machines. The requesting agent will be notified of manual attempt failures.
3. The Permit System Status Report (triggered from "My Reports" screen) shows the statuses of the permit approval cycle but NOT whether the permit was successfully faxed or not. If your permit has been issued (as seen from the Status Report) and more than 10 minutes have past since issue time, the customer should proceed as follows:
Check the receiving fax machine for "readiness".
Dial the fax number manually to ascertain the fax tone occurs within 3 rings.
Fax a request to the Permit Office (614) 728-4099 stating the permit number and requesting a "RE-SEND".
Telephoning or emailing this request is NOT the fastest way for a re-send. The Permit Office CANNOT re-send a fax to a different number than what is on the permit. Permits older than 5 days after issued date will not be resent -- you must request a new permit.
If you determine the fax number is incorrect, you must do a permit revision (amendment).   If any part of the faxed permit is illegible or smudged, do request a Re-Send.
4. Companies are urged to check the validity of a fax number before using it on a permit. Doing so will eliminate almost all failing transmissions and avoid "nuisance" phone calls to unintended voice line recipients.
5.  Refer to the OS-1A regarding re faxing of permits.