Special Features of the ODOT Permit System:

  1. Log-in users will be able to print a valid copy of an issued permit from the log-in page. This function is found in the selection box located in the upper right of the log-in page. Select “Reprint Permit”, a box for the permit number will appear. Enter the permit number in the appropriate space and click on the “reprint permit button”. The selected permit can be downloaded and printed. 
  2. Estimated Trips has its own field, the estimates will no longer be accepted in the comment field. On Continuing, Annual, or International Sealed Container permits, this field must be populated otherwise, left blank the permit application will not submit. This field is located on the payment page between the contact field and the comment field.
  3. Credit cards will be accepted for Public Projects. In the drop down box on the payment page, a selection for pay by credit card is available.
  4. Axles that weigh less than 10,000 lbs. will be allowed, but only for vehicles with 13 or more axles.
  5. There is a blanket permit for Boats. This permit type is located under the Blanket Permits selection on the log-in page (see the BOAT PEMITS link for assistance).
  6. There are two permit types for International Sealed Containers, a 45 day permit and 90 day permit which are now available. These permit types can be found on the log-in page under International Containers (see web page for assistance). 
  7. Applications will accept configurations up to 30 axles, with a six vehicle maximum (consisting of a power unit and 5 trailers).
  8. There two fields to enter the actual starting and ending addresses of the proposed move have been added. These fields are on the application page directly below Origin and Destination.    
    • If either the “starting” or “final” (or both) address is in Ohio, enter the actual physical address, e.g. 123 Main St. 
    • If either the “starting” or “final” (or both) address is a state line, enter the state name, e.g. PA Line 
    • Application will not submit if either field is left blank
    • The Origin field is to identify where the vehicle is entering the state highway system.
    • The Destination field is to identify where the vehicle is exiting the state highway system.