Nondivisible Loads

“Nondivisible load” means that which cannot be reduced in size or weight, or which is impractical to divide, or which cannot be so adjusted as to be within the size and weight limitations specified in sections 5577.02 to 5577.05 of the Revised Code, because to do so would:

(1) Compromise the intended use of the vehicle, i.e., make it unable to perform the function for which it was intended;

(2) Destroy the value of the load or vehicle, i.e., make it unusable for its intended  purpose; or

(3) Require more than eight workhours to dismantle using appropriate equipment. The applicant for nondivisible load permit has the burden of proof as to the number of workhours required to dismantle the load.

For the purposes of issuing permits, three or fewer steel coils, transported by a vehicle,  are deemed nondivisible loads. [5501:2-1-01 (Q)]