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Section 5501:2-1-10 of the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) states that if an overweight and/or oversized vehicle/load movement is made in conjunction with a bona fide public construction project, the hauling permit fee will be $10.00.

The Payment Page will allow you to choose the $10 fee for Public Projects for any permit type except "blankets". Click on the "Payment Method" dropdown. (Note- The credit card payment method will not work in conjunction with this feature. For those events, select credit card payment and add a clear statement in the Comments field to alert the Permit Technician).

If you select Public Project in the Payment Method, a new field appears to write in the Project Number (max 20 characters). If the project number is unknown or does not have a project number, enter in a name or description of the project. This field cannot be blank. Use the Comment field as needed to enter more data.

For all Public Projects applications, you must enter the governmental project contact whose agency is paying for/managing the public project. (This is not the contractor contact, but a state, local government, school district, or other public agency contact.) If the hauler is a subcontractor, the hauler must still provide the correct governmental project contact. This contact and their phone # is required to be shown in the Comment field of the data entry “Payment” page. All project contacts will be telephoned by this office. If the government agency does not verify that the hauler moved equipment to I from the project site during the time frame of the permit, the hauler will be contacted and required to provide better information or pay the full price of the permit.