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A. Obtain User Login Name and Password from ODOT Special Hauling Section by completing an OS-7 form.  If you haven't already, have your insurance company provide ODOT with a completed OS-32 form.

B. After you receive the Login and password from the Permit Office, go to the Login Screen.  Note BULLETIN information.

C. At Login Screen, login to system using User Login Name and Password.

D. At Application (Welcome) Screen; Select Permit Type (see "Types of Permits").

E. Step 1. Read and click in the "I Agree" box.

F. Step 2. Enter vehicle and load information. Weight data format has no commas.  Dimensional data format is ff-ii (e.g. 13-6). Also, see "Deck Height Diagram".

G. Step 3. Enter desired starting date of permit. Press Tab key to create permit ending date.

H. Step 4. Enter Origin and Destination.  Use this format "City - First (Last) travel route & nearest intersecting street/route" (e.g. ORIGIN  Columbus - 70 & Rome-Hilliard Rd.   DESTINATION  Pataskala - 70 & 310 )

I. Step 5. Click "Next" to continue. The information entered will be checked for validity.

J. Step 6. Route Selection.   (Reference Ch. 4- Permit Step 6- Routing Method.)
    1. On item 1 on left "Select Method of Routing", click the drop down. Select "Text Description".
    2. Click on item 2  "Enter Your Trip Description" to start your routing. Select all state and/or US routes between Origin and Destination.
            For Example    Start on Route 70 at the Intersection of 42, Then Head Implied, click "Next –>" (note - used "upstream" route 42)

Travel on Route 70 go to Intersection of 270, Then Head South, click "next –>"
Travel on Route 270 go to Intersection of 70, Then Head Implied, click "next–>"
                                    Travel on Route 70 at "Go to", click down arrow, select End at, Intersection of 310, "No Offset/ Exit", Click "next–>"
                                    ( "next–>" button will change "Use Trip")
                                    Click "Use trip" button).
    3. Click item 3 on left to Analyze the route.
    4. Item 4 on left is Route Usage. If route has no errors, click "Use Selected Route". If route has errors, click "Request Office Review".
    5. Click "Next" at bottom of screen to continue.

K. Confirmation Page - Review this page for correctness. This is the last chance to go back and edit the information. 
    Click "Change Application" to edit information OR
    Click "Next" to continue.

L. Step 7. Enter fax number and contact name. 
    Click "Submit" to send request to Permit Office. Write down Job Request number that is displayed.  OR
    Click "Cancel" to abort request. Can NOT go back to change data from this point. Must start over.

M. Periodically check "My Reports" job status (using Job Request number) to verify progress of job.  Look for the latest status event shown.
    a.  If that status says "Returned for Clarification", then go the the Application Page, and Click "Pending and Returned" button.  Read the Comment field, then when ready to fix the problem, click on the Trip Request number to open the request. (DO NOT OPEN THE REQUEST AND THEN ABANDON IT.) Proceed through all the screens, fix the problem noted, and do "Submit" on the Payment Page.

    b.  If that status says "Issued", the fax process should have sent the permit to your specified fax number within 5 minutes of issue.   If the fax did not arrive, and it is a good fax number,  contact the Permit Office by fax (614-728-4099) and request a re-send.