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Traffic Regulations Database

The Traffic Regulations Database provides a listing of approved speed zones, school zone extensions, parking restrictions and village sign permits. ​


 Speed Zones

Statutory speed limits are established in the Ohio Revised Code (ORC). A speed zone is a section of roadway with a speed limit that differs from the statutory speed limit.

 Parking Restrictions

Parking restrictions are established by the ORC. On state highways, special authorization is required to prohibit parking.


Each district has a coordinator who reviews regulations requests as they are received.

 Village Signals

Village Signal permits are required for villages with warranted, authorized signals on State Routes.



 School Zone Extensions

Limits of a school zone are established in the ORC. School zone extensions are sections of roadway where an existing school zone may be modified.

 (No) Passing Zones

No passing zones are established at locations where site distance or other special conditions make it unsafe to pass another vehicle.