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Traveler Information


The Office of Traffic Management provides relevant and timely information to motorists before and during trips. The transportation system is safer when motorists can avoid problem areas, access actionable travel time information, and be confident that they will reach their destination in an efficient manner.



OHGO provides travelers with up-to-date information on road conditions, traffic, construction, and other activity affecting roadways managed by ODOT.

 Logo Signs

Logo signs provide road users with business and directional information for gas, food, lodging, camping, and attractions at freeway and expressway interchanges on Ohio roadways.

 Reference Markers

Reference markers denote a motorist's location (mileage point). Mileposts increase in value when traveling in the North or East directions (or clockwise for I-270 Columbus/ I-475 Toledo). 


 Dominic DelCol
TMC Supervisor (PM)
John MacAdam, P.E.
OHGO Project Manager


Tourist-Oriented Directional Signs (TODS) provide road users with business and directional information for business, service, and activity facilities along Ohio conventional roadways.

 511 Travel Info

The 511 Traveler Information system is a voice-activated phone service. Information includes current road conditions, speed alerts, tavel times, and accident/roadwork information.

 Location Finder


The Location Finder App gives users access to their current location on Ohio roadways. Users include maintenance workers, emergency responders, and the traveling public.

 Travel Time Signs


Travel time signs look like regular green guide signs, but display dynamically changing travel times in minutes.