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Office of Traffic Operations
Personnel & Responsibilities 


 Administrative Personnel List

JasonYerayP.E.Administrator(614) 466-2168Jason.Yeray@dot.ohio.gov
DougDeMossFiscal Specialist(614) 351-2868Doug.Demoss@dot.ohio.gov

 Signals, ITS and Traffic Operations Section


The Signals and ITS Section is responsible for developing policies, guidelines, standards and procedures for traffic signals, the Freeway Service Patrols, Incident Management and Freeway Management Centers in Ohio. This Section also develops specifications and design plans for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for the Office of Traffic Engineering and ODOT’s Districts.

Freeway Management Systems (FMS) are a major component of ITS. The primary mission of an FMS is to provide information about congestion and freeway conditions. The FMS provides information to help travelers to make informed decisions, reducing unexpected delays, energy consumption and cost. It also assists emergency personnel to help them provide the best response.

Traffic signs promote highway safety and efficiency by providing for the orderly movement of all road users on streets, highways, and bikeways and private roads open to public travel throughout the Nation.  Traffic signs provide regulation, warning and guidance information to road users using words and symbols to convey the message.

A Speed Zone is a section of highway with a speed limit that is established by law, but which might be different from a legislatively specified statutory speed limit.  Additional information concerning Speed Zones may be found in Section 2B.13 of the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (OMUTCD) and Chapter 1203 of the ODOT Traffic Engineering Manual (TEM) as well as the Speed Zone website.

In addition to these duties, the Section develops guidance to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.


 Signals, ITS and Traffic Operations Section Personnel List

AndrewHuntITS Network Supervisor(614) 466-2040andrew.hunt@dot.ohio.gov
ITS LabMain LineITS Lab(614) 387-4113CEN.ITS.LAB@dot.ohio.gov
Bryan ComerP.E.Statewide ITS Engineer/Section Head(614) 387-1253Bryan.Comer@dot.ohio.gov
JamieFinkE.I.Staff Engineer(614) 644-6588jamie.fink@dot.ohio.gov
DerekHubbardITS Specialist(614) 387-4109Derek.Hubbard@dot.ohio.gov
DrewJanek E.I.Staff Engineer(614) 644-8565drew.janek@dot.ohio.gov
PaulLundstromP.E.ITS Engineer(614) 752-8846Paul.Lundstrom@dot.ohio.gov
TerryMartinTraffic Control Devices Technician(614) 351-5507Terry.Martin@dot.ohio.gov
NateMcNamerITS Specialist(614) 275-1319Nathaniel.McNamer@dot.ohio.gov
BradPutnamITS Specialist(614) 995-1891Brad.Putnam@dot.ohio.gov
ScottShawITS Specialist(614) 387-4110Scott.Shaw@dot.ohio.gov
CharlieFisherP.E.Statewide Traffic Operations Engineer(614) 644-0270charles.fisher@dot.ohio.gov
JeremyThompsonE.I.Signals Engineer(614) 752-6968jeremy.thompson@dot.ohio.gov
AlexWeinandyP.E.Signals Engineer(614) 644-6638Alex.Weinandy@dot.ohio.gov

 Sign Shop


Produces and distributes highway signs and other related traffic control devices; develops sign material contracts; and conducts testing and evaluation of new sign materials.

StephenOsborneSign Fabrication Technician(614) 351-5510stephen.osborne@dot.ohio.gov
JoshWilsonSign Shop Administrator(614) 351-5509Josh.Wilson@dot.ohio.gov
AllenAdamsSign Shop Superintendent(614) 351-2855Allen.Adams@dot.ohio.gov
JeffGrahamSign Fabrication Technician(614) 351-5508Jeffrey.Graham@dot.ohio.gov
JasonHamiltonSign Fabrication Technician(614) 351-5510Jason.Hamilton@dot.ohio.gov
GuyMikulecSign Fabrication Technician(614) 351-5510Guy.Mikulec@dot.ohio.gov
TroyPerrySign Fabrication Technician(614) 351-5510Troy.Perry@dot.ohio.gov