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Regulations - School Zones
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Regulations - School Zones

Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Section 4511.21(B)(c) defines a school zone as "that portion of a street or highway passing a school fronting upon the street or highway that is encompassed by projecting the school property lines to the fronting street or highway, and also includes that portion of a state highway." However, there is also a provision that "upon request from local authorities for streets and highways under their jurisdiction and that portion of a state highway under the jurisdiction of the director of transportation or a request from a county engineer in the case of a school zone for a special elementary school, the director may extend the traditional school zone boundaries" within certain limits outlined in the ORC Section. (The ORC may be accessed on-link using the Links Page shown in the menu on the left.)

The procedures for requesting school zone extensions are outlined in ODOT Traffic Engineering Manual (TEM) Section 705-2.

District 01 School Zone ExtensionsDist01_School Zone Extensions_042007.pdf81 KB
District 02 School Zone ExtensionsDist02_School  Zones_042007.pdf79 KB
District 03 School Zone ExtensionsDist03_School  Zones_042007.pdf104 KB
District 04 School Zone ExtensionsDist04_School  Zones_042007.pdf97 KB
District 05 School Zone ExtensionsDist05_School  Zones_042007.pdf87 KB
District 06 School Zone ExtensionsDist06_School  Zones_042007.pdf99 KB
District 07 School Zone ExtensionsDist07_School  Zones_042007.pdf103 KB
District 08 School Zone ExtensionsDist08_School  Zones_042007.pdf94 KB
District 09 School Zone ExtensionsDist09 School Zones_042007.pdf82 KB
District 10 School Zone ExtensionsDist10 School Zones_042007.pdf76 KB
District 11 School Zone ExtensionsDist11 School Zones_042007.pdf76 KB
District 12 School Zone ExtensionsDist12 School Zones_042007.pdf76 KB