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Regulations - Speed Zones

A Speed Zone is a section of highway with a speed limit that is established by law, but which might be different from a legislatively specified statutory speed limit. ORC Section 4511.21 establishes speed limits for all streets and highways within the State. It also provides that the Director may alter speed limits, and that local authorities may request that the Director determine and declare a reasonable and safe speed limit on certain highways under their jurisdiction. Under ORC Section 4511.21 (K), a Board of Township Trustees may, by resolution, declare a prima-facie speed limit on unimproved highways and on highways under their jurisdiction which are within residential and commercial subdivisions. (The ORC may be accessed on-link using the Links Page shown in the menu on the left.)

Additional information concerning Speed Zones may be found in Section 2B.13 of the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (OMUTCD) and Chapter 1203 of the ODOT Traffic Engineering Manual (TEM).

Additional regulations on speed limits can be found in ORC Section 4511.211 (Speed limit on private residential road or driveway), 4511.22 (Slow speed), 44511.23 (Speed regulations on bridges), and 4511.24 (Emergency vehicles excepted from speed regulations). 

Special speed limit revisions based on the provisions of Substitute House Bill 565 of the 121st General Assembly are also noted below. These zones involve freeways and multi-lane divided NHS (National Highway System) routes.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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 Speed Zones by County


Click on a county to access the District's speed zones
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 Approved Speed Zones

expand ODOT District : 01 ‎(9)
expand ODOT District : 02 ‎(1)
expand ODOT District : 03 ‎(9)
expand ODOT District : 04 ‎(1)
expand ODOT District : 05 ‎(8)
expand ODOT District : 06 ‎(1)
expand ODOT District : 07 ‎(10)
expand ODOT District : 08 ‎(1)
expand ODOT District : 09 ‎(9)
expand ODOT District : 10 ‎(1)
expand ODOT District : 11 ‎(8)
expand ODOT District : 12 ‎(4)

 Approved Special Speed Zones (Freeways and Multi-Lane NHS Routes)

District 01 Special Speed ZonesDist01_Special Speed Limits_60 65_042007.pdf14 KB
District 02 Special Speed ZonesDist02_Special Speed Zones_042007.pdf26 KB
District 03 Special Speed LimitsDist03_Special Speed Zones_042007.pdf30 KB
District 04 Special Speed LimitsDist04_Special Speed Zones_042007.pdf37 KB
District 05 Special Speed LimitsDist05_Special Speed Zones_042007.pdf27 KB
District 06 Special Speed LimitsDist06_Special Speed Zones_042007.pdf30 KB
District 07 Special Speed LimitsDist07_Special Speed Zones_042007.pdf30 KB
District 08 Special Speed LimitsDist08_Special Speed Zones_042007.pdf37 KB
District 09 Special Speed LimitsDist09 Special Speed  Zones_042007.pdf29 KB
District 10 Special Speed LimitsDist10 Special Speed  Zones_042007.pdf28 KB
District 11 Special Speed LimitsDist11 Special Speed  Zones_042007.pdf28 KB
District 12 Special Speed LimitsDist12 Special Speed  Zones_042007.pdf35 KB