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Regulations - Village Signal Permits
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Regulations - Village Signal Permits

Signal Permits are for villages which have a warranted and authorized traffic control signal on a State Route. Signal permit information can be found in Section 4B.06 of the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (OMUTCD) and Section 401-6 of the ODOT Traffic Engineering Manual (TEM).

District 01 Village Signal PermitsDist01_Village Signal Permits_042007.pdf50 KB
District 02 Village Signal PermitsDist02_Village Signal Permits_042007.pdf50 KB
District 03 Village Signal PermitsDist03_Village Signal Permits_042007.pdf49 KB
District 04 Village Signal PermitsDist04_Village Signal Permits_042007.pdf46 KB
District 05 Village Signal PermitsDist05_Village Signal Permits_042007.pdf49 KB
District 06 Village Signal PermitsDist06_Village Signal Permits_042007.pdf47 KB
District 07 Village Signal PermitsDist07_Village Signal Permits_042007.pdf64 KB
District 08 Village Signal PermitsDist08_Village Signal Permits_042007.pdf54 KB
District 09 Village Signal PermitsDist09 Village Signal Permits_042007.pdf43 KB
District 10 Village Signal PermitsDist10 Village Signal Permits_042007.pdf42 KB
District 11 Village Signal PermitsDist11 Village Signal Permits_042007.pdf54 KB
District 12 Village Signal PermitsDist12 Village Signal Permits_042007.pdf38 KB