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33x Detector Input File Info-PIS 0203324_07-15-2016.pdf33x Detector Input File Info-PIS 0203324_07-15-20165/8/2018
Cable Pinouts.pdfCable Pinouts5/7/2015
ODOT Datakey Guide for Caltrans 2070 Controllers.pdfODOT Datakey Guide for Caltrans 2070 Controllers4/20/2018
Ramp Meter Annual Inspection Form.pdfRamp Meter Annual Inspection Form2/11/2019
Ramp Meter Final Inspection Form (2016 Spec).pdfRamp Meter Final Inspection Form (2016 Spec)2/6/2019
Ramp Meter Final Inspection Form (2019 Spec).pdfRamp Meter Final Inspection Form (2019 Spec)7/29/2019
Signal Definitions.pdfSignal Definitions5/7/2015
Final Inspection Form (2016 Spec) Revised-05-02-18.pdfTraffic Signal Final Inspection Form (2016 Spec) Revised-05-02-185/2/2018
Traffic Signal Final Inspection Form (2019 Spec) Revised-10-18-2019.pdfTraffic Signal Final Inspection Form (2019 Spec) Revised-10-18-201910/18/2019
TS-2 Detector Configuration.pdfTS-2 Detector Configuration5/8/2018

 Accessible Pedestrian Signal

Polara Installation Manual.pdfPolara Installation Manual5/7/2015
Polara Operations Manual.pdfPolara Operations Manual5/7/2015

 Auxiliary Output File

Wiring an Aux Output File - 2070.pdfWiring an Aux Output File - 20706/22/2017

 Battery Backups

collapse Battery Backups :  ‎(1)
BBU to Siemens Controller.pdfBBU to Siemens Controller5/7/2015
collapse Battery Backups : Alpha UPS ‎(5)
Alpha Battery Backup Testing Procedure.pdfAlpha Battery Backup Testing Procedure3/28/2017
Alpha Programming Settings.pdfAlpha Programming Settings3/28/2017
BBU Alarm Cable.pdfBBU Alarm Cable5/7/2015
FXM Communications Manual.pdfFXM Communications Manual5/7/2015
FXM Operator Manual.pdfFXM Operator Manual5/7/2015
collapse Battery Backups : Dimension UPS ‎(3)
Dimensions Installation Manual.pdfDimensions Installation Manual5/7/2015
Dimensions Operations Manual.pdfDimensions Operations Manual5/7/2015
UPS Wiring Diagram.pdfUPS Wiring Diagram5/7/2015


collapse Cabinets : Econolite ‎(4)
Pathmaster_Generic_332L.pdfPathmaster Generic 332L5/7/2015
Pathmaster_Generic_336L.pdfPathmaster Generic 336L5/7/2015
Pathmaster_Generic_TS-1.pdfPathmaster Generic TS-15/7/2015
Pathmaster_Generic_TS-2.pdfPathmaster Generic TS-25/7/2015
collapse Cabinets : Siemens ‎(8)
BaldwinSours_33X_WiringDiagram1.pdfBaldwinSours 33X WiringDiagram15/7/2015
BaldwinSours_33X_WiringDiagram2.pdfBaldwinSours 33X WiringDiagram25/7/2015
BaldwinSours_Generic_332.pdfBaldwinSours Generic 3325/7/2015
BaldwinSours_Generic_336.pdfBaldwinSours Generic 3365/7/2015
BaldwinSours_Generic_TS1.pdfBaldwinSours Generic TS15/7/2015
BaldwinSours_Generic_TS2.pdfBaldwinSours Generic TS25/7/2015
BaldwinSours_OutputFile.pdfBaldwinSours Output File5/7/2015
BaldwinSours_PDA.pdfBaldwinSours PDA5/7/2015

 Cellular Modems

Modem Troubleshooting_Econolite - Request Doc.pdfModem Troubleshooting_Econolite - Request Doc12/3/2019
Modem Troubleshooting_Siemens - Request Doc.pdfModem Troubleshooting_Siemens - Request Doc12/3/2019

 Controller Manuals

collapse Controller Manuals : Eagle ‎(6)
ODOT SEPAC Reference Manual - Request Doc.pdfODOT SEPAC Reference Manual - Request Doc12/3/2019
SEPAC_Manual.pdfSEPAC Manual5/7/2015
TACTICS - Clean Up Guide.pdfTACTICS - Clean Up Guide6/15/2016
TACTICS - Database Zip Export and Import Guide.pdfTACTICS - Database Zip Export and Import Guide6/15/2016
TACTICS - Rename Database.pdfTACTICS - Rename Database6/15/2016
TACTICS - Serial Communication Guide.pdfTACTICS - Serial Communication Guide6/15/2016
collapse Controller Manuals : Econolite ‎(13)
ASC3_Maintenance_Manual.pdfASC3 Maintenance Manual5/7/2015
ASC3_Programming_Manual.pdfASC3 Programming Manual5/7/2015
Cobalt_Programming_Manual.pdfCobalt Programming Manual5/7/2015
Cobalt Settings Field Checklist-updated.pdfCobalt Settings Field Checklist-updated5/9/2018
Creating an intersection in Centracs.pdfCreating an intersection in Centracs10/3/2017
How to connect laptop to Centracs Local Edition with ethernet cable - Request Doc.pdfHow to connect laptop to Centracs Local Edition with ethernet cable - Request Doc12/3/2019
How to program LPI into a Cobalt controller.pdfHow to program LPI into a Cobalt controller2/21/2019
How to program LPI into a Cobalt controller through Centracs.pdfHow to program LPI into a Cobalt controller through Centracs2/21/2019
How to Update Econolite Cobalt Controller Firmware.pdfHow to Update Econolite Cobalt Controller Firmware4/29/2019
Merging Databases in Centracs Local Edition.pdfMerging Databases in Centracs Local Edition4/5/2019
Setting up MOEs in Controller and Centracs.pdfSetting up MOEs in Controller and Centracs5/5/2016
Setting up MOEs in Controller and Centracs with Stop Bar Radar-updated-9-22-16.pdfSetting up MOEs in Controller and Centracs with Stop Bar Radar9/22/2016
Uploading and Downloading from USB on a Cobalt.pdfUploading and Downloading from USB on a Cobalt2/11/2019
collapse Controller Manuals : Intelight ‎(2)
Intelight Maxtime Manual.pdfIntelight Maxtime Manual5/7/2015
Intelight Maxview Manual.pdfIntelight Maxview Manual5/7/2015


LMD622_Catalog_Sheet.pdfLMD622 Catalog Sheet5/7/2015
LMD622_Manual.pdfLMD622 Manual5/7/2015
Loop Troubleshooting Motorcycles and Bicycles.pdfLoop Troubleshooting Motorcycles and Bicycles8/20/2015


collapse Monitors : ATSI ‎(2)
ATSI PCMT 8000 Manual.pdfATSI PCMT 8000 Manual6/22/2017
PCMT_2600_Manual.pdfPCMT 2600 Manual5/7/2015
collapse Monitors : EDI ‎(9)
CMU_Troubleshooting.pdfCMU Troubleshooting5/7/2015
EDI_2010_ECL.pdfEDI 2010 ECL5/7/2015
EDI 2010 ECLip Ethernet Manual.pdfEDI 2010 ECLip Ethernet Manual6/22/2017
EDI_BIU_700.pdfEDI BIU 7005/7/2015
EDI_MMU_16E.pdfEDI MMU 16E5/7/2015
EDI_MMU_16LE.pdfEDI MMU 16LE5/7/2015
EDI MMU 16LE Series Manual.pdfEDI MMU 16LE Series Manual6/22/2017
EDI MMU 16LEip Ethernet Manual.pdfEDI MMU 16LEip Ethernet Manual6/22/2017
MMU_Troubleshooting.pdfMMU Troubleshooting5/7/2015
collapse Monitors : Other ‎(2)
Caltrans CMU Troubleshooting Checklist.pdfCaltrans CMU Troubleshooting Checklist8/24/2015
NEMA TS2 MMU Troubleshooting.pdfNEMA TS2 MMU Troubleshooting Checklist8/20/2015


collapse Radar : Advance ‎(5)
Advance-Application Notes-0001.pdfAdvance - Application Notes-00015/7/2015
Advance-Installer Quick Reference Guide.pdfAdvance - Installer Quick Reference Guide5/7/2015
Advance-User Guide.pdfAdvance - User Guide5/7/2015
Advance-User Quick Reference Guide.pdfAdvance - User Quick Reference Guide5/7/2015
Advance-Viewfinder Video Tutorial.mp4Advance - Viewfinder Video Tutorial (mp4 file)5/7/2015
collapse Radar : Click 301 (Serial to Ethernet Converter) ‎(2)
Click-User Guide.pdfClick - User Guide5/7/2015
Click 301-Installer Quick Reference Guide.pdfClick 301 - Installer Quick Reference Guide5/7/2015
collapse Radar : Other ‎(1)
Wavetronix Tech Paper.pdfWavetronix Tech Paper8/30/2016
collapse Radar : Stop Bar ‎(3)
Stop Bar-Installer Quick Reference Guide.pdfStop Bar - Installer Quick Reference Guide5/7/2015
Stop Bar-User Guide.pdfStop Bar - User Guide5/7/2015
Stop Bar-User Quick Reference Guide.pdfStop Bar - User Quick Reference Guide5/7/2015


ASC3_EthernetRadios.pdfASC3 Ethernet Radios5/7/2015
Intuicom Radios - ODOT Manual.pdfIntuicom Radios - ODOT Manual5/7/2015

 Traffic Signal Timing

Volume Density Spreadsheet.xlsxVolume Density Spreadsheet5/7/2015
Volume Density Spreadsheet Example Project.pdfVolume Density Spreadsheet Example Project5/7/2015