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Division of Planning
Office of Asset Inventory & Systems Integration

Asset Inventory

The office chairs the Transportation Asset Management (TAM) Audit Group that oversees all asset collection requirements with ODOT by doing the following:

  • Determining business owners and reviewing enterprise business needs
  • Determining scope of project with project research and discovery
  • Finalizing project deliverables and forecasting project costs and resource needs
  • Projecting project timelines and phasing mechanisms
  • Reviewing data requirements and schemas
  • Implementing the TAM Audit Group standard database requirements in each collection
  • Defining data models, table relationships and data storage requirements
  • Moderating meetings as acting liaison with the business owner, project stakeholders and asset subject matter experts (SMEs) through project lifecycles
  • Reviewing and determining QA/QC methodologies
  • Assisting the business in completing a Project Origination Checklist (POC) and the Project Origination Document (POD) to fulfill ODOT Technology Council Requirements
  • Recommending final solutions to the Technology Council for the asset's project workflow, requirements and solution recommendations
  • Presentating to ODOT staff and the Technology Council during the lifecycle of the project on updates and deliverables on behalf of the asset
  • Confirming to the TAM Audit Group that all requirements were met through the project implementation and lifecycle of the asset
  • Formulating Request for Proposal/Request for Information scope requirements for project/assets.