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D A Van Dam & Associates LLC888-818-0016
can you send me a list of last years vendors that had an booth.  We are considering attending but I would like to see who has shown in the past.  Thanks,
Is there a registration fee for ODOT employee?
Hi -

I see under archived information, there is attendance information for 2014, is there any data for 2015 or did the event not occur last year?

Any assistance is much appreciated.

What is the expected number of attendee's, and how many booths are available to exhibit? Is this conference in lieu of the annual OTEC Conference, or something different?
I have registered by Supervisor to attend the conference.  When I received by confirmation e-mail it shows the conference as being held July 25th and 26th.  Can you confirm the dates of the conference, as this will affect when I book the hotel room.  Thank you!!
please add me to your email list for future notices
To ODOT Representative,
   Our finance person needs to know what to do when registration opens her question is "I need to know whether to create a purchase order to ODOT or to a credit card?"
   Please let me know and I will forward your response to her.

I was wondering if the sponsorship of $500 includes a registration, or if we need to purchase a registration separately?

Thank you,
marlaj@glwb.net440-647-4626 ext. # 5
If several of our drivers want to come in to view different vehicles at that expo, can they do so without registering for any of the classes? If so, please let me know.  And would that be on Wednesday, April 20th 10 - 4pm?
Thanks so much.
Hi, Vicky -  will the conference offer continuing education credits for engineers?  Thanks.  Bob
I need to remove Lynn Schantz from the conference registration.  Thank you.
The Planning Conference says registration opens in May. Do you have a date. I have been watching for a few days..
To ODOT Representative,

What day will the online registration be available? Or am I going to the wrong place to register for the Planning Conference?

Any idea when online registration will be open?
Has registration for the 2016 Planning Conference yet begun? 
Good Morning, I am having issues registering 7 folks for the conference. 
Has the registration opened yet for the 2016 Planning Conference?

Thank you

Kris Wood
The Hyatt Regency Columbus has no rooms blocked for this conference, and as of the first week of May has been sold out and booked solid. Can anyone please verify if this is the case? Registration has not even opened yet, and the hotel has no rooms available? Thank you.
Does the July transportation planning conference give PE credits?
If someone is registered as a speaker, do they need to also register to attend the conference??

Is there some way I can check if 2 persons are already registered to attend please??

Thank you!!
alee@mvrpc.org(937) 531-6539
Hello ODOT,

I read through the conference registration and noticed there is no information regarding to lodging. In case my coworker(s) and I need it, will there be conference and government rates for nearby hotels such as the ones for OTEC (the 'Hotels' section on the OTEC website)?

What is the last date for early bird registration?
Will there be a conference rate at the hotel? Or a conference rate at nearby hotels?
jwortman@seailc.org330-343-3668  ext 232
I am interested in attending the 2016 Ohio Planning Conference on transportation at the Hyatt Regency hotel on July 26 and 27 as a representative for my organization, Society for Equal Access. As of today the hotel said that all of the rooms are booked but they hope to have some possibly open in mid June. My question is will I still be able to register for the conference if I wait till mid June to see if there is a hotel room available or will the conference be totally booked by then? Thank you.

Jerry Wortman
I am trying to register Thea Walsh on the extranet site; however, neither she nor I remembers her password. Can the password be reset?
Since this conference is entirely transportation oriented, would it be too much trouble to change the name to Ohio Transportation Planning Conference? It is causing significant confusion in the urban planning community since the American Planning Association - Ohio Chapter also calls its biannual event the Ohio Planning Conference. In this case, it is more appropriate for them to use this name because it has a broader scope inclusive of all types of planning. To call your event the Ohio Planning Conference is inaccurate and misleading and is causing confusion. Please change it.
I have questions about the conference before I register. Can someone please call me at the number listed.
Thank you
Please put me on the contact list. You had an incorrect email for me so I deleted the other one. This is my correct email address. it is in the ODOT system. Thanks.
I was asked to speak at the conference (Session 5-C). Do I need to register and pay the fee for the conference? I only intend to speak and not attend any other sessions.
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