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I'm sending this from the Contacts page on the Planning Conference site. It dumps into a SharePoint list but should also go to the Planning.Conference@dot.state.oh.us email box. Please let me know if you got this information.

If one of my people is speaking, does she need to register or pay?

Also, do you know yet whether or not we can send more than 5 people?

Are PDH's offered for this conference?  If so, how many?  Thanks.
Can we send a substitute if one of our registered people cannot attend?

Thank you, Dawn
Good Afternoon,
I called Hyatt to book a room, and they are booked for the 14th.  Also, they do not show a $99 rate for the 15th.  Finally, they do not have anything under "Ohio Planning Conference" but did have something under "Ohio Dept. of Transportation". 
How can I apply for a scholarship? I am a consumer Advocate for the Disability community and would very much like to attend

Ernie Brancheau
Mr. Dyer,

I am curious how many (if any) of the sessions have been submitted/accepted for AICP CM credits.

Eric Lowry, AICP
We are interested in attending this conference, but have not attended in the past.  Would you be able to provide me with an attendee list so we can see who the audience consists of?  (2014 or 2013 list?)  Thank you
Just wanted to confirm whether I was registered or not. I know I registered online but we don't have record of receiving an invoice. Thanks. (Delaware County RPC)
Sundra Bey is unable to attend the conference - Jodi Strope will be attending in place of Sunny.

Thanks Carol
I will be attending the Conference.  However, I missed the cutoff date and will be a walk-in registration.  I will require a gluten free lunch.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  Thank you
Where is parking available for those who could not get into the hotel?
Is there an attendee list available?
Will there be WiFi at the event?

I'm interested in looking at some of the powerpoints from the recent Planning Conference. Would those be available, and, if so, where?
ltaylor@bhjmpc.org740-282-3685, ext. 202
When will the Power Point presentations from the conference be available on line?
ltaylor@bhjmpc.org740-282-3685, ext. 202
When will the Power Point presentations from the conference be available on line?
Could you tell me if PDH were offered at the OH Planning Conference July 15th?
Many thanks.
Hello:  Looking for the conference on the APA website for CM credits and I can't seem to find it.  Will CM credits be posted or will it need to be self-reported?  Thanks!
I attended this conference and paid by credit card at the event.  Can you please email me a receipt of my purchase?  Thanks.

I am currently helping to plan a similar conference in California and I was wondering:

1)How many attendees did this conference host? and
2)What was the price of attendance per person?

I greatly appreciate your help!

Jacqueline Hodaly
California Department of Transportation
Division of Transportation Planning
karen.goodwin@dot.ohio.govis testing
this contactus from from the Ohio Planning Conference site.
D A Van Dam & Associates LLC888-818-0016
can you send me a list of last years vendors that had an booth.  We are considering attending but I would like to see who has shown in the past.  Thanks,
Is there a registration fee for ODOT employee?
Hi -

I see under archived information, there is attendance information for 2014, is there any data for 2015 or did the event not occur last year?

Any assistance is much appreciated.

What is the expected number of attendee's, and how many booths are available to exhibit? Is this conference in lieu of the annual OTEC Conference, or something different?
I have registered by Supervisor to attend the conference.  When I received by confirmation e-mail it shows the conference as being held July 25th and 26th.  Can you confirm the dates of the conference, as this will affect when I book the hotel room.  Thank you!!
please add me to your email list for future notices