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Ohio Planning Conference  ~   Transportation Connects Ohio   ~   July 15-16, 2014
Organizers Resources

Important Dates

  • Session Speakers and Session Narrative Finalized, 4 April
  • Session Special Equipment Request Submitted, 1 May
  • PowerPoints Uploaded, 16 June

Organizers Responsibilities

A Session Organizer is responsible for ensuring a well-balanced, high quality session for the program. Each session is 90 minutes and is up to the session organizer how the time is used. 

  • Complete the Session Organizer Worksheet by 4 April 2014.
  • The session organizer will serve as the liaison between the conference committee board and the session participants.
  • The session organizer will monitor the preparations of the session participants.
  • The session organizer will make sure session participants meet all deadlines.
  • The session organizer will keep the conference committee advised of any changes to the session.
  • The session organizer will receive the session participant’s bios if it is desired to be used for introductions.
  • The session organizer will also serve as moderator to introduce the speakers and keep the speakers(s) on a specific time limit to keep session moving smoothly.

Speakers Responsibilities

  • Speakers shall use their session organizer as their primary point of contact for questions and concerns surrounding their involvement.
  • Speakers must submit their presentation to the conference website by 16 June 2014. More details to follow regarding the electronic submission form.
  • Speakers should not add additional people to co-present without prior approval from the session organizer.
  • Speakers must inform their session organizer if they require assistance with out of state travel and conference registration fees.