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Historic Bridges Available for Reuse

Pickaway County

The skewed, 1 span, 146'-long, riveted Parker pony truss bridge has built-up chords and rolled I section web members. The end posts are vertical, not sloped, as is characteristic of most Parker trusses of this period. The gusset plates have been shaped to have curvilinear edges, rather than straight edges, giving them a "webbed" appearance. The bridge has rolled floor beams, stringer, and a concrete deck. The deck was replaced in 1985 and safety shape barriers placed to the roadway faces of the trusses. The bridge is supported on concrete abutments with U-shaped wingwalls finished with balustrades.


The bridge was rehabilitated in 1985. Summary of Significance: The Parker pony truss was fabricated by the Mt. Vernon Bridge Co. for the state highway department in 1935. It is a well-proportioned, although technologically late, example of the bridge type/design. It has nice aesthetic detailing, including the gusset plates and wingwalls. It speaks well of the bridge bureau's attention to design under the leadership of D. H. Overman. There is a similar thru truss in Richland County on SR 13 (7000243). The bridge was rehabilitated in 1985, which included replacing the deck. The project does not appear to have diminished the integrity or the ability of the bridge to convey its significance, and it was approved with no adverse effect by the SHPO. The prior inventory included the bridge in the reserve pool. It is recommended eligible. Camelback and Parker trusses are members of the Pratt-family of trusses with sloped top chords Technologically, Camelback and Parker trusses differ only in the number of top chord slopes (Camelbacks have exactly five slopes, and Parkers have more than five slopes.) The sloped-chord trusses provide the greatest depth at midspan where it is needed to accommodate the stresses, meaning that less material is needed in their construction as compared to a parallel chord truss of similar span, but fabrication is made more difficult due to the varying lengths of the members. The sloped-chord trusses are often associated with longer spans where the savings in material is great enough to be worth the additional fabrication costs. The practice of sloping the top chords dates to at least the 1840s and appeared early in the development of metal trusses. As with other truss designs, pin connections were used from the 1870s to 1900s, and mostly phased out during the 1910s. Rivet connections were being used by the early 1900s and were prevalent from the 1910s to 1940s. Standardized rivet-connected Camelback and Parker designs were used by many state highway departments, including the Ohio State Highway Department.

The bridge is available to be delivered at no cost if coordinated with the August 2014 construction schedule. 

SFN: 6501567
Pony Truss

PIC-State Route 56 Bridge PIC-State Route 56 Bridge

Type: Pony Truss Design: Parker (Riveted)
Material: Steel Railing Type: Safety Shape Barriers (1985)
# 3 Overall Length: 161 ft Out to Width: 25.5 ft. Roadway Width: 24 ft.
Year Built: 1935 Alteration (Date): 1985 Source: ODOT Inspection Files
Designer/Builder: Ohio State Highway Department/Mt. Vernon Bridge Co.

Contact Information:
Tom Barrett

Crawford County

Crawford County has three bridges available for relocation/reuse. They are permanently closed to traffic and will be posted for availability until July 2008.

Bridge 1

SFN: 173820
Pratt through truss with pin connections

Caldwell Road Bridge (Crawford County)
Built in 1890 by Variety Iron Works.
114 feet long and 16 feet wide.
Located in Dallas Township, Township Route 33 (Caldwell Rd.) over the Sandusky River.

Bridge 2

SFN: 1743910
Pratt pony truss with pin connections
Woodside Road Bridge over Sycamore Creek in Crawford County

Built circa 1900. Builder is unknown.
52 feet long and 16 feet wide.
Located in Texas Township Route, Township Route 193 (Woodside Rd.) over Sycamore Creek .


With help from Vern Messler of http://www.historicbridgerestoration.com/, this structure will be restored and reused for vehicles in Twin Lakes, Lake County Colorado. A website dedicated to the bridge is forthcoming from the new bridge owners.

SFN: 1743961
Warren polygonal chord pony truss

Benton Road Bridge over Sycamore Creek in Crawford County 
Built in 1925 by Brookville Bridge Company, Brookville Ohio.
92 feet long and 17 feet wide.
Located in Texas Township, Township Route 104 (Benton Rd.) over Sycamore Creek. This bridge is a Select structure. (It has been determined eligible for the National Register of Historic Places by ODOT, FHWA and the Ohio Historic Preservation Office as a representative example of Warren pony trusses).

Contact Information
Crawford County Engineers Office
815 Whetstone Street
Bucyrus, Ohio 44820

Scioto County

Scioto County, Porter Township, County Route 257 crossing Pine Creek. The award date for this project is 7-01-2009.

SFN: 7331584
Pratt Pinned Through Truss
Scioto County Route 257 Bridge crossing Pine Creek

Built circa 1900, likely moved to this location in the 1940's.
The overall length is 108 feet and it is 18 feet wide.
ODOT Project PID: 78360.

Contact Information
Greg Manson,
ODOT District 9
District Environmental Coordinator


Miami County


Miami County, Fairview-Snodgrass (Township Route 19) over Spring Creek. This bridge was scheduled for replacement in 2010. It is now being relocated to the City of Piqua for reuse on a bikeway. Thanks to Doug Christian P.E., P.S., the Miami County Engineer and the City of Piqua for their efforts in finding a way to preserve this structure.

SFN: 5531055
Pratt pinned pony steel truss

New location

For more information and to view more pictures, download the Nomination Form.
Built in 1913.
Overall length is 66 feet (15.9 feet wide).


Vinton County

Only part of Truss still available, and in storage.

SFN 8233209
Pratt Pony Truss


Length = 60 feet

Contact Information

Brain Reedy
Vinton County Engineer's Office


Stark County

Available for parts only.

SFN 7601778
Modified Parker Pony Truss
Stark County Bridge
Length=72 feet.

Contact Information
Christine Surma
Ohio Department of Transportation
District Four Office
330-297-0801 ext. 274