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Cultural Resources About Us

Under the Assistant Environmental Administrator (the Section head), the OES Cultural Resource Section is composed of three sub-sections: Archaeology, History & Architecture and Historic Bridges. The Section staff are composed of both permanent employees and college interns. Their primary responsibilities are to efficiently and effectively assist in the timely delivery of projects that comprise ODOT's Transportation Improvement Program. Additional responsibilities include monitoring the application of State and Federal laws in the evaluation of the impacts of transportation projects on Ohio's cultural resources. "Cultural Resources" include prehistoric and historic archaeological sites, historic bridges, and historic buildings, sites and districts.

Staff conduct field surveys and compose the resulting reports for coordination with the Ohio State Historic Preservation Office and the Ohio History Connection. Staff also review and coordinate reports compiled under contract by pre-qualified consultants who are working on transportation projects. Staff work closely with the consulting community and environmental staffs in all of ODOT's twelve districts to ensure that all projects go through the proper reviews and evaluations. The entire staff reflects a broad range of education and experience, with a balanced table of organization that allows several people to work on teams in both sub-sections.

​Name ​Title ​Phone ​Email
Erica Schneider​ ​Asst. Environmental Administrator ​(614) 387-0134 Erica.Schneider@dot.ohio.gov
​Bruce Aument, Ph.D. ​Archaeologist ​(614) 466-5230 Bruce.Aument@dot.ohio.gov
​Stanley Baker ​Archaeological Resources Team Leader ​(614) 466-5143 Stanley.Baker@dot.ohio.gov
​Jason Watkins ​Archaeologist ​(614) 466-5105 ​Jason.Watkins@dot.ohio.gov
Laura Segna​ ​Archaeologist ​(614) 752-8279 ​Laura.Segna@dot.ohio.gov
Susan Gasbarro​ ​History/Architecture Resources Team Leader ​(614) 728-0719 Susan.Gasbarro@dot.ohio.gov
​Tom Barrett ​Historic Bridge Program Manager & State Byways Coordinator ​(614) 466-3932 Tom.Barrett@dot.ohio.gov
​Heidi Harendza ​Historian ​(614) 752-2171 ​Heidi.Harendza@dot.ohio.gov
Monica Bruns​ ​Historian ​(614) 466-6981 ​Monica.Bruns@dot.ohio.gov