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Reason for Access
Prepare ecological survey reports and waterway permits for ODOT projects, D4 environmental task order.
to keep up to date on ODOT's ecological proecesses.
LJB (the firm that employs me) is an ODOT prequalified consultant for most ODOT related environmental work, including ecological studies.
I am a member of the Document Controls Team for the new Interbelt Bridge project in charge of monitoring the status and compliance of various permits.
Work on Pipeline across Ohio and need info on State Routes that we will be crossing throught the state
We are a Consulting Engineering firm and have recently opened an Ohio office.
DeStefanokatie.destefano@dot.state.oh.us(513) 933-6583
I'll need to review the MOA submissions to the coordinating agencies.
AkinEAkin@mpo.noaca.org216-241-2414 ext. 231
To be notify of projects in the NOACA's  region and shared with the the NOACA Environmental Planning staff.