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Division of Planning Office of Environmental Services
Ecological Resources and Permits
Waterway Permits Manual

 Appendix E


Sample Combined Section 404 Application for Department of Army Permit/Application for OEPA Section 401 Water Quality Certification:

Appendix E - Part 1

  • Sample Cover Page
  • Sample Table of Contents
  • Sample USACE, Section 404 Application for Department of Army Permit
  • Sample Table A: Impacts to Streams/Pond
  • Sample Table B: Impacts to Wetlands
  • Sample Table C: Discharge Quantities
  • Sample Table D: Lowering of Water Quality
  • Sample Table E: Stream Mitigation
  • Sample Table F: Wetland Mitigation

Appendix E - Part 2

  • Sample Application for OEPA 401 Water Quality Certification

Appendix E - Part 3

  • Sample Standard Drawings
  • Sample Location Map for Proposed Activity
  • Sample Project Location Map
  • Sample Location Map for Streams and Wetlands
  • Sample Culvert Plan/Profile Drawing
  • Sample Temporary Work Pad Drawing
  • Sample Temporary Causeway Drawing
  • Sample Wetland Impact Drawing

Appendix E - Part 4

  • Sample Natural Channel Design for Stream Mitigation
  • Sample Conceptual Stream Mitigation Plan
  • Sample Site Plan for Stream Restoration/Mitigation
  • Sample Riffle Detail
  • Sample Conceptual Stream Mitigation Landscape Plan
  • Sample Natural Design for Wetland Mitigation
  • Sample Preliminary (Conceptual) Wetland Drawing
  • Sample Wetland Mitigation Drainage Area Drawing

Appendix E - Part 5

  • Sample Photo Log
  • Sample ORAM v5.0
  • Sample Qualitative Habitat Evaluation Index Form (QHEI)
  • Sample Headwater Habitat Evaluation Index Form (HHEI)