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Office of Estimating

Bid Analysis & Review Team Background

  • Tracks market trends
  • Performs in-depth data and cost analyses
  • Develops inflation rates and forecasts for ODOT 

 BART Information

Historical Construction Cost Data.aspx
Folder: Construction Cost Outlook Archive
CY15-19 Business Plan Inflation Calculator - Revised 04-02-2015.xls
Inflation Forecast (Construction Cost Outlook - January 2015).pdf
Crude Oil Futures - May2015.pdf

 Main Street Bridge

Main Street Bridge project in Columbus

 ODOT Chained-Fisher CCI

ODOT Chained-Fisher CCI 2015Q2 Comparison.pdf
ODOT Chained-Fisher CCI 2015Q2 Summary.pdf
ODOT Chained-Fisher CCI 2015Q2.pdf
Understanding the ODOT Chained-Fisher CCI.pdf

 Inflation & Forecasting Contacts

Timothy Pritchard
George Rysavy, P.E.
Justin Hickey
Colman Hickey
Matt Shiflett