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LPA Advisory Group

Welcome to Ohio’s Local Public Agency (LPA) Advisory Group website!  The ODOT Office of Local Programs and LTAP Center, along with the Ohio County Engineer’s Association, the Ohio Township Association, the Ohio Contractor’s Association, Ohio’s Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), Ohio’s Rural Transportation Planning Organizations (RTPOs) and various municipal engineers, worked together in early 2014 to establish Ohio’s LPA Advisory Group.

What is an LPA Advisory Group? It is a way to have a seat at the table, literally. Ohio receives a tremendous annual federal funding amount for our state’s local roadway system. It is the Ohio Department of Transportation’s (ODOT’s) responsibility to work with Ohio’s Local Public Agencies (LPAs) on the administration of the federal funds to complete projects on Ohio’s local roads. All of the agencies, groups and organizations who came together to form the LPA Advisory Group have a part in delivering the LPA projects utilizing federal funds. Administering projects paid for by federal funds is a challenging process and the group was formed to meet the two following goals:

  • review with a local perspective recommendations which have been made to streamline LPA program administration and
  • provide additional ideas for streamlining the LPA program in Ohio.

Being a part of the LPA Advisory Group allows representatives from each stakeholder of the LPA project process to express their view on how well, or not so well, aspects of the process are working. More importantly, it allows group members to make recommendations on how to improve the processes. Who better to improve a process than the person who uses it?

How does the Group work? We talk. We discuss. We listen. We take good ideas, make them better through our collective experience and act upon them. We are not silos administering federal funding to improve Ohio’s local roads – we are a team. The Group embodies that spirit. We focus on what is slowing down the federal-aid process in Ohio and systematically find workable solutions – or better understand why a process needs to occur the way it does. The important part is all of the members know they can discuss their concerns and have them addressed. They know their voices have been and will be heard. They have a seat at the table.

How can I learn more about Ohio’s LPA Advisory Group? Through the information on this website. That is why we are sharing it with you. We want everyone, not just those who are members of the Group, to have access to what the Group is about, who is representing each partner in the process, when the Group is meeting, what the Group is working on and results the Group has achieved. We invite you to review the information on each page of this website. If you have questions, you can contact the ODOT Office of Local Programs at 614-644-8211or

Where did Ohio come up with the idea to form an LPA Advisory Group? All good ideas come from somewhere, right? Ours came from the Every Day Counts (EDC) initiative. This is a program of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) which encourages states to adopt innovative practices.

What does innovative practices mean? Identified ways which can improve project delivery by shortening completion time and streamlining the project delivery process while ensuring established laws are followed. Stakeholder Partnering is the EDC initiative which provided the foundation for formation of Ohio’s LPA Advisory Group. To learn more about Stakeholder Partnering and the EDC initiative, please visit the FHWA’s EDC website.