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ADA Transition Plan

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ADA Transition Plan Resources for Local Agencies
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Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires all public agencies – regardless of size – to ensure that their services, programs and activities are accessible to persons with disabilities. Compliance includes conducting a self-evaluation of building facilities, rights-of-way facilities and communications to identify any accessibility obstacles or issues that need to be addressed. In addition, public entities that employ 50 or more persons are required to:

  • Designate an ADA Coordinator.
  • Establish a grievance procedure to allow for prompt resolution of accessibility concerns.
  • Establish a transition plan for taking the steps necessary to achieve compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Monitor implementation of the transition plan, and update the plan periodically as needed.

The current status of ADA compliance among Ohio local agencies has recently become a topic of increasing focus and discussion. While it appears that many public entities have made great progress with their ADA compliance efforts during the past two decades, there are also indications that many local agencies have struggled with conducting a self-evaluation and developing their ADA Transition Plan. This webpage has been established to provide resources to assist in this process.

Achieving ADA Compliance – You Can Do It!

In addition to being required by law, achieving ADA compliance is important because it allows persons with disabilities to fully participate in civic life. Taking positive steps to provide and maintain accessibility also helps public agencies reduce the potential liability associated with a lack of ADA compliance.

One of the first questions local agencies typically ask is, “What exactly are the ADA requirements?” Please refer to the Matrix of ADA Requirements for Public Agencies for an overview of ADA compliance items, including direct links to specific sections of the original regulations.

ADA Transition Plan Template

In collaboration with reviewers from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), ODOT’s Division of Opportunity, Diversity & Inclusion (ODI), academia, and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), the Ohio LTAP Center has prepared a sample template that local agencies are welcome to use, or adapt, for developing their ADA Transition Plan. This template is provided below in both PDF and MS Word formats.

ADA Transition Plan Template - PDF version
ADA Transition Plan Template - Word version

Interested persons are encouraged to start by printing a paper copy of the complete document for reference, including the front matter with Instructions, Supporting Discussion & Additional Resources. You are then welcome to use the customizable Word version to assist with developing your ADA Transition Plan. If your agency has not yet conducted an ADA self-evaluation, this process will also need to be completed in order to prepare your transition plan.

New! Ohio Example - Use of Template

In August of 2019, the City of Lima published their new ADA Transition Plan, which used the Template provided above as a starting point.  Their plan can be viewed at:

Other Examples

While the ADA regulations describe the basic elements that need to be included, there are many different ways to prepare an ADA Transition Plan. Recognizing this fact, some agencies might find it helpful to review examples of existing plans that have been established by other public entities. Here are several links:

Other examples may be identified by conducting an Internet search for ADA transition plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit the Federal Highway Administration’s webpage of Questions and Answers About ADA / Section 504 to review many helpful responses to frequently asked questions regarding ADA requirements, transition plans, accessibility improvements and related topics.

General questions may be directed to the following ODOT personnel:

ADA Compliance Issues – Sarah Wade, ADA/504 Program Manager / Division of Opportunity, Diversity & Inclusion – (614) 466-3979;

ADA Transition Plan Resources – Mike Fitch, Program Manager / Ohio LTAP Center – (614) 387-7358;

Acknowledgement: ADA resources from the Minnesota Local Road Research Board (LRRB) were very helpful in preparing the referenced Transition Plan template.