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Safety Edge Resources for Ohio's Local Roadway Agencies

The Safety Edge is a simple but effective solution for saving lives by allowing drivers who drift off highways to return to the road safely.  Instead of a vertical drop-off, the Safety Edge shapes the edge of the pavement to 30 degrees.  Research has shown this is the optimal angle to allow drivers to re-enter the roadway safely.  The asphalt Safety Edge provides a strong, durable transition for all vehicles.

The Ohio LTAP Center is committed to providing our local roadway agencies the necessary information for implementing the Safety Edge on their paving projects across our state.  As a part of our Route of Navigation (RON) series, we have developed a Technical Update for Safety Edge which provides an overview of this technology and the specification sheet details to include in requests for proposals on paving projects:

Technical Update - Safety Edge

Below is information on the Safety Edge from our partners at the Federal Highway Administration.  On the left are executive and overview presentations and on the right is an 8 minute technical overview video and video clips to compliment the presentation documents. 

If you have further questions about the Safety Edge, please contact the Ohio LTAP Center at 1-877-800-0031.



Safety Impacts of Pavement Edge Drop-offs.pdf
Safety Edge FAQs (9-11-10).pdf
State of the Art Report (TRC E-C134).pdf
EDC Safety Edge Brochure (9-10-10).pdf
EDC Comparison Fact Sheet - SE vs Conventional Paving (10-01-10).pdf
Dropoff Solution article.pdf
TRB Paper 05-0492_Safety Edge.pdf
The Safety Edge Flier (6-28-10).pdf
Guidance - Safety countermeasures.pdf

 Presentation Video Resources


Below are links to the videos referenced in the presentations to the left.  Please review the presentations to the left first and then review the videos below to understand them in the proper context.



Loaded Truck on SE.avi
Paving with SE Shoe.wmv
Paving without SE Shoe.wmv
SE Double Lift wsound.wmv
se shoe install.wmv
The problem.wmv
vibe roller over edge.wmv