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​LTAP offers webinars and also stores those webinars on YouTube to be accessed at the learner's convenience. Visit this page often to find out information about upcoming webinars you can register for or past webinars available to view.


 Upcoming Webinars:

GIS Crash Analysis Tool Overview Webinar, Tuesday, February 11, 2020, 2 to 3 PM EST

ODOT’s GIS Crash Analysis Tool (GCAT) provides great on-demand analysis for performing data analysis on roadways to determine crash patterns and issues.  GCAT is now housed within the Transportation Information Mapping System (TIMS) tool.  Learn GCAT fundamentals such as what data is available, how to filter for the results you want and how to use the dynamic mapping tool.  The webinar will also include an update on the 2019 crash data status and information the updates to the OH1 crash reporting form.

Please register to participate in the webinar at:

Transportation Information Mapping System (TIMS) Overview Webinar, Thursday, February 20, 2020, 10 to 11 AM EST

ODOT’s Transportation Information Mapping System (TIMS) is a free, web-based tool providing transportation employees & stakeholders – as well as the general public – a central access point for viewing, distributing, and analyzing Ohio’s transportation data.  During this webinar, learn the basics about TIMS via a live demonstration, including how you can leverage this tool in your daily work to simplify your mapping tasks. 

Please register to participate in the webinar at:


You’re Killin' Me Smalls! How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint (Reschedule), Wednesday, February 26, 2020, 10 to 11 AM EST

Have you ever sat through a PowerPoint presentation where you gave up looking at the slides?  Where the presenter put too much information on the slide or put a chart up that even the presenter couldn’t read because the text was so small?  Or where the presenter read  Stop!  Don’t use PowerPoint in ways it was never intended to be used.  Learn tips to improve your PowerPoint skills and have your presentation tool compliment, not ruin, your presentation.

The webinar will be presented by Victoria Beale of the Ohio LTAP Center.  Victoria has been there and made the PowerPoint mistakes.  She will share ways she now uses PowerPoint to enhance, not detract from her presentations.

Please register to participate in the webinar at:


You can also register to receive emails notifying you when webinars are scheduled by clicking on this link to subscribe to our email listserv:  subscribe to email announcements​


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