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Hi Andrea, just ensuring that the contact us form goes to your email box. In addition, all incoming data from this form is stored in a SharePoint list on the site.
bdavis@mpo.noaca.org216 241 2414 ext 251
Where would one find the LPA modules completion report now?


Having trouble with user name/password.  Haven't used the system in awhile, forgot user name/password, now can't get in....thanks!
EMH&T is currently working on getting pre-qualified to provide the LPA projects with construction administration and observation. We currently have a few of our RPR’s certified as ODOT observers. The next step is to get me certified as a Level 1 Engineer. Please let me know how we can get the Level 1 Engineer certification. If you can’t help with this, please point me in the right direction. Thanks you in advance.
Good morning-I work for Asplundh Tree Expert Co. and we currently have a contract with you for tree trimming and removing. We have been doing this contract for many years. We are also interested in looking at some of your mowing bids in Northeast Ohio. Who do I need to contact to get put on the list for that? Or is there a way to do this directly on your website? I have visited it frequently but really can't see any upcoming mowing contracts on there. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you! Jackie Westfall
I would like to be added to the Email list for your LTAP training session information.  I am the street supervisor at the City of Wooster and I would like to get them evolved in the program.  Thank you for your time
I'm looking for a recent example of construction plans for a local-let project to confirm a few plan format and content questions. Please contact me if additional information is required.
I'm looking for a recent example of construction plans for a local-let project to confirm a few plan format and content questions. Please contact me if additional information is required.
I would like create a hard copy of the Local-Let Processes manual for use in our office.  The manual on your website  is divided in sections with many subsections so I'm hoping find a PDF will all of the files combined if it's available for easier printing. Could you please let me know if you would have a combined PDF available?
Good Afternoon,

Are you offering the Level I Bridge Inspection class this year in District 3 or 4?  If so, can you direct me to the means to register?  Thanks.
I was looking for GRE-35 PID 93509 to see whether it was an LPA project but couldn't find it.
excavating, demolition and trucking
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I'm conducting some research on behalf of Minnesota DOT into criteria and practices used by other states in identifying low-volume local bridges that might be candidates for removal to help reduce maintenance costs, as well as any state funding or incentives to encourage local agencies to remove low-volume bridges.

The research committee recommended I reach out to Ohio due to its well-established and active local programs office. Does Ohio have any policies or programs related to removal of low-volume local bridges?

Thank you,
Greg Landgraf
Senior Research and Writing Associates
CTC & Associates
I work in the Finance Division of the Florida Department of Transportation.  We are updating our LPA invoice process and the resources on your website have been very helpful.  If possible, we would like to see a copy of an executed LPA Agreement and one invoice that has been paid with supporting documentation.  We want to get an idea of how the invoice ties back to your agreement.  You can email me the information at lisa.wilkerson@dot.state.fl.us.  Thank you for your assistance, Lisa
Hello, Tim Keller told me about a recent program that makes salvaged steel beams available to counties for superstructure replacements.  Can you direct me to the person or place where I can obtain more details about the program, where the beams are, their size and condition etc.  That would be great! Thanks!