Table of Contents
1) Introduction
2) LPA Participation
3) Project Development
4) Right-of-Way
5) Environmental
6) Advertising
7) Consultant Contract
8) Construction Contract
9) Railroad Coordination
10) Utilities

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10) Utilities

The objective is to establish reasonable time schedules with the utility owners for relocating their
facilities thus avoiding any delay to the process of the Local-let construction project. It is important that working together the LPA and the Utilities identify as early as possible the facilities to be removed, relocated or replaced so that these time schedules can be included in the contract documents prior to bidding.

Step 10 of the Local-Let Process starts with the following PDF download and related documentation:

Utilities Chapter Updated
Utilities Contacts New
Authorization Sample Letter (No local or federal funds)
Authorization Sample Letter (with federal funds)
Notification Award Sample Letter
Notification of Preconstruction Meeting Sample Letter
Notification Sale Date Letter
RE 75-1 Preliminary Estimate
RE 75-2 Summary of Billing
Relocation Plans Letter
Utilities 4A Sample Letter
Utility Billing Checklist
Utilities Flowchart
Utilities Plan Acceptance Letter
Utilities Verification Sample Letter
Utility Agreement