Table of Contents
1) Introduction
2) LPA Participation
3) Project Development
4) Right-of-Way
5) Environmental
6) Advertising
7) Consultant Contract
8) Construction Contract
9) Railroad Coordination
10) Utilities

Guidance & Procedures
Process Templates
LPA Training
Resource Links

In an effort to keep up with changing laws and roles across government entities, especially but not exclusively, federal government, Local Programs staff on behalf of ODOT enters into and coordinates agreements that support and supplement the local projects process.

ODOT-Let Agreements

ODOT-Let Procedures (PDF)
ODOT Local-Let Agreement
ODOT-Let Agreement Participatory (Word)
ODOT-Let Agreement Consent (Word)

Local-Let Agreements

LPA Purchase Agreement Template (PDF) New
Waterway Permitting Guidance for LPAs (PDF)
Fed LPA Agreement (Word)
NonFed LPA Agreement (Word)
Federal State Exchange Agreement (Word)
Public Private Partnership Agreement (Word)
Renewal Addendum (Word)
State Metroparks Agreement (Word)
Section 3 Funding Example Agreement (PDF)
DERG LPA Agreement-Public Projects (Word)
DERG LPA Agreement Public-Private Partnership Projects (Word)
DERG Certificate of Destruction (PDF)