Table of Contents
1) Introduction
2) LPA Participation
3) Project Development
4) Right-of-Way
5) Environmental
6) Advertising
7) Consultant Contract
8) Construction Contract
9) Railroad Coordination
10) Utilities

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7) Consultant Contract Administration

The LPA may engage consultants to perform architectural, engineering and related services needed to develop a Federal-aid project. However, the application of Federal requirements to the consultant selection process is dependent on the use of Federal funds in the consultant agreement. If Federal funds are used in a consultant agreement, Federal rules are invoked and ODOT is charged with oversight responsibilities. In this case the Department will be actively involved in the consultant selection and contracting process. If Federal funds are not used in a consultant agreement, the LPA must select an ODOT prequalified consultant in accordance with State law, but the LPA consultant selection process will not be subject to oversight from the Department.

Step 7 of the Local-Let Process starts with the following PDF download and related documentation:

Consultant Contract Administration Chapter