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Local Let Processes

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There are more local transportation projects than there is federal funding to finance them. Meanwhile sidewalks need repaired, turning lanes need paved and bridges need maintained. Most of this work occurs at the local level with the authority and approval of the federal government via the state government. So how do local government entities, known as Local Public Agencies (LPAs), ask for the money? How do the state and federal government entities decide who gets the money? And, most importantly, how does the public benefit from this process? The Local Let Process affects everybody and ODOT, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and local government entities work together through the Local Let Process to ensure the money is distributed equitably and the projects are prioritized fairly.

Local Programs staff at Central Office and the District Staff are dedicated to this process and follow a list of procedures and guidelines that initiate, track and record the the process. This website documents the Local Let Processes. Begin with the online Manual below and the related documentation to start the process.

The following Title VI Chapter is an additionto the Local-Let Manual. They new content will be incorporated into the manual when the content is migrated to the ODOT Publications gateway under Working.

Title VI Chapter

This chapter will provide a comprehensive overview of Title VI and these expansions regarding Local Public Agency (LPA) Local-let, Federal-aid projects. Additionally, the intent of this chapter is to provide LPAs with an understanding of the importance of Title VI and a knowledge of how to create/maintain an implementation program: