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Division of Planning
Jennifer Townley, Deputy Director
Data Tools
The Division of Planning staff collect data to aid in decision-making about transportation projects. We make decisions about how to collect the data to best serve the needs of the public while complying with the federal government's requirements for a national transportation network. Ohio's highways, airports, bus termials, rivers and lakes are a large part of the national transportation system. Data collection supports every transportation project ODOT initiates and the Division of Planning staff are a large part of that effort.​
In the Data Tools List below the default view is every data tool that Division of Planning staff manage and maintain. Use the filters to the right to refine and narrow your search.
Amish Buggy Safety Data
Annual Adjustment Factors
Annual Comparisons by Functional Classification
Axle Correction Factors
Bid Notices
Capital Programs Dashboard
Capital Reporting
Centerline Miles, Lane Miles and Vehicle Miles Traveled Report
Coordinated Transportation Plans in Ohio
County Maps Color on or Color Off
County/Township Payment Tables
Daily Vehicle Miles Traveled Report (DVMT)
Digital Photolog
District Pavement & Bridge Work Plans
Ellis Data Reporting
ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) Data/Statewide Digital Data
Expanded National Highway System (NHS)
FHWA Vehicle Classification Scheme F Report
Highway Safety Improvement Program
Historic Bridge Awards
Historic Bridge List
Historical Reuseable Bridges
Hourly Percent by Vehicle Type
K & D Factors
Local Roads Inventory
Local Traffic Counts
Major Bridge
Major Rehab
Metropolitan Planning Process
Modeling & Forecasting
Municipal Bridge Program
ODOT Facts Book
Official Transportation Maps
Ohio Roadway Functional Class
Online CE System
Pavement Condition Rating Data
Request for Proposals Research
Road Profiling (Ride Quality)
Seasonal Adjustment Factors
Short Term Count AADT Data
Short Term Count Hourly Data
Small City Program
State Highway System Lane Miles
State System Basic Road Inventory (RI06)
Statewide Planning & Research (SPR) Part 1
Statewide Planning & Research Projects
STIP (Statewide Transportation Improvement Program)
Straight Line Diagrams
Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP)
System Mileage by Functional Class
The Map Room
TIMS (Transportation Information Mapping System)
TRAC (Transportation Review Advisory Council)
Traffic Count Location Maps
Traffic Counts (Traffic Survey Reports & Maps)
Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)
Upcoming Noise Wall Projects
Vehicle Term Contracts

Did You Know?

Toward Zero Deaths logo

The Division of Planning participates in a national, multi-agency program to reduce traffic fatalities to zero.

Strategic Highway Safety Plan


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