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Division of Planning
Jennifer Townley, Deputy Director
The Division of Planning publishes newsletters, guidance manuals, reports, policies, summaries, documentation, flyers, informational pamphlets, program and project overviews. Popular resources and new publications are featured on this page. Additionally, many of the publications are collected within a site or page, and we will link you to those locations from here.
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​New & Noteworthy
TAP Guidance CoverTransportation Alternatives Program Guidance
Responsible Office: Local Programs
Publication Date: December 2015
ODOT's TAP funds are for those projects sponsored by local governments outside the county boundaries of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), unless the local is within a small MPO (population less than 200,000) that has opted to join the ODOT program.

Construction Summary 2015 

Responsible Office: Program Management
Publication Date: August 2015
This annual report condenses and concisely reports on the Major Projects for the most recent state fiscal year. The Construction Summary is a printed publication that gathers pertinent and relevant information related to each major project for the fiscal year while making some valuable observations about these projects, such as money spent by district and local projects versus ODOT projects.

Access Ohio 2040 Cover 

Responsible Office: Program Management
Publication Date: July 2015
The Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is a coordination and funding document developed by state and local governments and authorities in the Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs). The STIP is a four year document that identifies the funding for and scheduling of transportation projects and programs.
Responsible Office: Statewide Planning & Research
Publication Date: February 2015 (DRAFT)
ODOT’s Planning Program Public Involvement Process outlines the procedures that the department follows to secure public comment on the development of Access Ohio, Ohio’s statewide transportation plan, the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), and other regional or corridor transportation planning studies that ODOT conducts.
Responsible Office: Transit
Publication Date: December 2014
As the demand for public transit increases and budgets shrink, the Ohio Department of Transportation is working to develop a strategy to bring the most efficient and cost-effective improvements to transit riders and taxpayers alike.
Status of Public Transit in Ohio Cover
Responsible Office: Transit
Publication Date: October 2014
This report provides profiles for the 61 transit systems, 191 Specialized Transportation Programs agencies, 21 Mobility Management/Ohio Coordination Programs, 18 New Freedom Programs and 16 Job Access & Reverse Commute Programs funded through the ODOT Office of Transit.
Moving Forward Newsletter Image
Responsible Office: Program Management
Publication Date: October 2014
This guide is a handbook for those interested in active transportation and who want to bring an Active Transportation Plan (ATP) to their community. It is designed to be used by: elected officials and policymakers; citizens and community organizations; local municipalities; and transportation and health professionals working for city, county and regional agencies.
Rural Consultation Process Guidance 
Responsible Office: Statewide Planning & Research
Publication Date: September 2014
Rural consultation is how ODOT engages local officials from non-metropolitan-areas in the development of the statewide long-range transportation plan; Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP); other modal, corridor or regional planning studies; and project selection and funding processes.
Responsible Office: Statewide Planning & Research
Publication Date: May 2014
Access Ohio 2040 (AO40) is the State of Ohio's long-range transportation plan. It includes a comprehensive inventory of transportation services and infrastructure, forecasts of transportation demand, asset condition and performance, and an analysis of trends affecting transportation in Ohio. ODOT developed AO40 to guide, inform, and support transportation policies and investment strategies for coming years.

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