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​​​Highway Safety
Economic Crash Analysis Tool (ECAT)...

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) reviewed the previous spreadsheets for their operation and calculation methodology.  Based on the needs of ODOT, a single spreadsheet was created to complete the HSM calculations.  The Economic Crash Analysis Tool (ECAT) has the ability to calculate predicted crash frequencies, complete empirical bayes calculations, predict crash frequencies for proposed conditions, conduct alternatives analyses, and complete a benefit-cost analysis.


 ECAT Files

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 HSM Proportional Tables

Ohio HSM Crash Proportion Tables.pdf
Rural 2-Lane Intersection Proportions.xlsx
Rural 2-Lane Segment Proportions.xlsx
Rural Multilane Intersection Proportions.xlsx
Rural Multilane Segment Proportions.xlsx
Urban and Suburban Intersection Proportions.xlsx
Urban and Suburban Segment Proportions.xlsx

During 2009 and 2010, Dr. Karen Dixon, Principal Investigator of NCHRP 17-38, developed three spreadsheets in a volunteer effort to support training efforts on the first edition of the HSM. Updated versions of these spreadsheets were funded through a partnership between the Alabama Department of Transportation and Virginia Department of Transportation. These agencies released these tools for use by other individuals and agencies to support the implementation of the HSM across the nation.


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