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Highway Safety 
High Risk Rural Road Lists...

Ohio is one of the first states in the country to fully implement AASHTOWare’s Safety Analyst to prioritize safety locations across Ohio. Safety Analyst uses state-of-the-art statistical methodologies to identify roadway locations with the highest potential for reducing crashes. The software flags intersections and road segments that have higher-than-predicted crash frequencies. This methodology is more efficient and cost effective and allows the department to address locations with a larger number of crashes than expected.

This is the first year to prioritize the High Risk Rural Road (HRRR) Locations with Safety Analyst. For rural routes, including county and township roads, roadway segments and intersections were screened for locations having a higher fatal and all injury crash frequency. Note: MAP-21 legislation does not set aside funds for a high risk rural roads program. However, the Special Rule requires States with an increase in fatality rates on rural roads to obligate a specified amount of HSIP funds on HRRRs. If the Special Rule applies, States will be required to obligate funds on those specific roadways.

While ODOT has fairly reliable information regarding site subtypes (number of lanes, intersection traffic control, AADT) for interstates, US routes, and state routes, at times this information is unavailable for local routes (County and Township Roads). Assumptions have been made on traffic control based on related crash data. When AADT was unavailable, a default value was used for that county and route functional classification.

Go to the Highway Safety Maps Room, link to the right, to access Google applications showing locations and to download PDF maps. For the lists, see below:

2014 HRRR Priority Locations_vFinal.xlsx

Highway Safety Map Room Button Link