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Highway Safety

These maps provide Ohio's safety and priority locations.  They are mapped statewide.  However, you can retrieve the maps for specific regions by typing the desired ODOT District Number, County Name, or Township Name into the filter below.


ODOT District Filter - Filter the contents of web parts by allowing users to enter a text value.  ODOT District Filter

Type District Number

County Name Filter - Filter the contents of web parts by allowing users to enter a text value.  County Name Filter

Type County Name

Township Name Filter - Filter the contents of web parts by allowing users to enter a text value.  Township Name Filter

Type Township Name

 Safety Related PDF Maps

expand MapList : County Fact Sheets ‎(87)
expand MapList : County Road Safety Locations ‎(88)
expand MapList : HRRR Safety Locations ‎(88)
expand MapList : HSIP Priority List ‎(88)
expand MapList : Safety Integrated Project (SIP) Maps ‎(176)
expand MapList : Township Road Crash Locations ‎(1309)

 SHSP Tracker


SHSP Trackers monitors trends in various areas for traffic fatalities and serious injuries.

Click Here for Statewide Tracker

Adams County SHSP Tracker.pdf
Allen County SHSP Tracker.pdf
Ashland County SHSP Tracker.pdf
Ashtabula County SHSP Tracker.pdf
Athens County SHSP Tracker.pdf
Auglaize County SHSP Tracker.pdf
Belmont County SHSP Tracker.pdf
Brown County SHSP Tracker.pdf
Butler County SHSP Tracker.pdf
Carroll County SHSP Tracker.pdf
Champaign County SHSP Tracker.pdf
Clark County SHSP Tracker.pdf
Clermont County SHSP Tracker.pdf
Clinton County SHSP Tracker.pdf
Columbiana County SHSP Tracker.pdf
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 Statewide PDF Maps

expand StatewideList : HSIP Priority List ‎(1)
expand StatewideList : State Thematic Map ‎(4)

 Google Map Apps


 Township Tree Diagrams

​Township tree diagrams can be used in conjunction with the maps to better understand crash trend in rural townships. County Level Tree Diagrams cound be found on the 3rd and 4th pages of the County Fact Sheets to the left.
Delaware County - Scioto Township_2.pdf
Delaware County - Thompson Township_1.pdf
Delaware County - Thompson Township_2.pdf
Delaware County - Trenton Township_1.pdf
Delaware County - Trenton Township_2.pdf
Delaware County - Troy Township_1.pdf
Delaware County - Troy Township_2.pdf
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