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Highway Safety
Emphasis Areas...

Ohio has identified four SHSP emphasis areas:

These emphasis areas represent the greatest threat to safety and are the cause of most serious injuries and deaths on Ohio roads.  

1. Data - Improve the quality, accuracy, timeliness and availability of crash data.

2. Roadway Crashes - Reduce the occurrence and severity of roadway departure, intersection, rear-end crashes and highway/railroad crossing crashes.

3. High-Risk Drivers - Address high-risk drivers and behaviors such as young drivers, impaired driving, low seat belt use, distracted driving, older drivers and excessive speed.

4. Target Motorcycle/Bicycle Riders, Pedestrians & Commercial Vehicles -Target motorcycle and bicycle riders, pedestrians and commercial vehicles, which are more likely to be involved in serious crashes.

Crash Trends

In 2013, Ohio reached an historic low for fatalities, recording 990 fatalities compared to 1,278 fatalities in 2003. Ohio's new goal is to reduce fatalities by 2 percent each year. Download Performance Measures and Targets from the Safety Fact Sheets below.

Download the fact sheets and tip cards below for more detailed data and information regarding Ohio's emphasis areas:

Highway Safety Map Room Button Link

 Safety Fact Sheets

Folder: 2019_Update
Alcohol Involvement.pdf
Bicycle Involvement .pdf
Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Involvement.pdf
Distracted Drivers.pdf
Intersection Related.pdf
Motorcycle Driver or Occupants.pdf
Occupant Protection.pdf
Older Driver Involvement (Over 64).pdf
Pedestrian Involvement.pdf
Performance Measures and Targets.pdf
Railroad Crossing Related.pdf
Rear End Related Crashes.pdf
Roadway Departure Related.pdf
Speed Involvement.pdf
Young Driver Involvement (15-25).pdf

 Safety Tip Cards & Audio Files

Driver Education New Intersections.pdf
Driver Education New Signals.pdf