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Highway Safety
Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP)...

All states are required to develop a Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) that uses crash data to identify the greatest causes of traffic crashes, serious injuries and fatalities on public roads. A variety of state and federal safety agencies and private sector organizations developed Ohio’s SHSP, which focuses on safety for all road users, including cars, trucks, trains, motorcycles, pedestrians and bicycles.

The Ohio Departments of Transportation and Public Safety coordinate a statewide SHSP Steering Committee, which meets quarterly to 1) discuss implementation of key strategies to reduce traffic crashes, fatalities, and serious injuries and 2) review crash trends.

The committee includes representatives from local, state and federal safety agencies. These agencies share information with hundreds of other safety organizations throughout Ohio. Combined, the plan, statewide committee and regional safety partnerships create a network of thousands of people focused on common safety goals. In addition, these agencies routinely share resources and data that make Ohio’s transportation system safer while maximizing limited funds.

Click the cover page above or here to view the current Ohio Strategic Highway Safety Plan.





Crash Trends

Working together has led to significant crash reductions on Ohio roads. In 2015, Ohio had 1,110 traffic deaths compared with 1,328 in 2005. 

Since 2005, Ohio's:

Total Fatalities, Serious Injuries, All Crashes

16% Fatalities DROPPED

18% Serious Injuries DROPPED

16% All Crashes DROPPED

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