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Major Programs
Amish Buggy Safety Program...

Provides funding for transportation improvement projects on priority state routes and off-road trails adjacent to priority state routes that improve safety for motorists and horse drawn vehicles. The priority state routes were identified and selected based on ODOT buggy/motorized vehicle crash data.

To be eligible for funding a project must address criteria identified in Section 5.2.2 of ODOT’s Amish Buggy Safety on Ohio’s State Roadway System Report (September 2000).

The following types of projects are eligible:

Widening paved shoulders to 6-8 feet.

Paving graded shoulders during scheduled reconstruction or repaving of roadway.

Construction of buggy pull-off or hill climbing lanes.

Widening shoulders on downhill side of roadways.

Construction of separate buggy/bicycle trails.

Funding is allocated annually by ODOT’s Funds Management Committee. Historical annual allocations have equaled $1 million. The federal participation rate is 80 percent. Projects are selected through an application process.


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