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Major Programs
Geotechnical Site Management Program...

Provides construction funding for the remediation of landslide, rock fall, underground mine, erosion and sinkhole sites. Eligible activities include both preventive site mitigation and reactive repair.

Projects are selected through an annual application process. To be eligible, a project must be identified on the District Geologic Site Inventory and undergone a Cost to Benefit analysis to determine if the site is a viable project.

Funding is allocated annually by ODOT’s Funds Management Committee. The program was initially funded at $12 million in FY 2005 and is projected to increase by $2 million annually through FY 2008 and leveling off through FY 2010. The federal participation rate is 80 percent for Surface Transportation Planning (STP) and National Highway System (NHS) funds. Interstate Maintenance funds have a 90 percent federal participation rate.  

For a map of geohazards by county and type, click here.


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