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The Rittman SRTS project to construct Home Street sidewalks, add path lighting, improve crosswalks and install speed feedback signs has been approved for funding. Unfortunately we are unable to fund the portable speed trailer and solar flashing stop signs at this time. We ask the community to implement education and encouragement programs during project development.


Environmental $33,000
Design -0-
R/W -0-
Construction $329,000
Construction Engineering -0
Total: $362,000



Application includes all required attachments.

Recommend following improvements:

1,) Lighting for path - 33,128

2.) Sidewalks in Home Street neighborhood  285,875

4.) Crosswalk markings - however not sure about the crosswalk "mats" they are recommending.  Will need more detail on this item. 11,420

5.) Solar Flashing 20mph school zone signs (include radar speed feedback signs instead of portable unit mentioned below). 24,800 + 6,000 for upgrading to speed feedback


DO NOT RECOMMEND the following:

3.) Portable Speed Trailer - recommend speed feedback signs with school zone signs instead so we know they are being used for the school zone and not somewhere else in the city.

6.) Solar LED flashing Stop signs - this has nothing to do with SRTS and the intersection they want to use them at is a 4-way stop and does not have a running the stop sign pattern.  They mention in their STP the existing stop signs are faded and need replaced.  This is a maintenance issue for the City - should not use SRTS funds for this.

362,000 for Home Street sidewalks, path lighting, crosswalk markings and speed feedback signs. Unfortunately your request for a portable speed trailer and solar flashing stop signs will not be funded with SRTS funds.

District 3Waynelboggs@rittman.com30 N. Main St Rittman44270Julie CichelloRittman SchoolsSRTS Travel Team met and finalized Travel Plan and agreed to submit grant application2011-09-29The Rittman SRTS was designed to provide physical and operational improvements that would enhance safety for pedestrian traffic and would encourage parents to allow school children to walk or ride bicycles to the new school campus.New enhanced crosswalks, sidewalks and signage will make drivers more aware of school zones and enhance parent’s concept of safety which will encourage more children to walk or ride bikes to school.

YesRight of way measured on all city plot mapsYes2012-05-312012-08-313732237332241064433000329000362000Larry BoggsCity of Rittman330-925-2056lboggs@rittman.com30 N. Main St. Rittman, Ohio 44270Attachmentjulie.cichello@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:

The Wapakoneta SRTS project has been selected for funding. We offer to fund construction only for sidewalks and links around the schools in Wapakoneta as described in the application with the exceptions of adding the Gardenia Ave. and Warren Ave. and removing the locations on Poppy Drive and Laurel Drive.


Construction $475,000





New Estimate: $473,708


  1. While reviewing this application it was noticed that there are two gaps in the sidewalk network that should be addressed in this project:
    1. Gardenia Avenue from the Wapakoneta School Administration Building to Poppy Drive. 
    2. Warren Avenue from a point just north of Poppy Drive to Poppy Drive.
  2. Given that this project is already close to the maximum funding cap, the district recommends removing the following sidewalk segments so that the aforementioned sidewalk gaps can be funded:
    1. Poppy Drive from Stoneybrook Road to Warren Avenue.
    2. Laurel Drive from Poppy Drive to Carnation Drive (If Needed).
  3. The district recommends this project with consideration to the revisions requested.

4-11-12: Recomend as district described

District 7Auglaizemruck@wapakoneta.net102 Perry St. P.O. Box 269Wapakoneta45895Justin YohAuglaizeInternational Walk To School Day with 875 students2011-10-10New drop off and pick up procedures for K thur fourth grade and eighth grade2011-08-22Walking encorporated in physical education classes k thur fourth grade2012-11-26Walking Club Program developed for k thur seventh grade2012-01-09The proposed project builds and expands our SRTS program Phase One with sidewalk links, HCP intersections, cross andpak stop lines and signage. Provides materials and incentive for Walking Club Program.The actual benefit provides designated  direct walkways, clearly identied surface markings and proper signge to remove pedestrians off of the roadway and reduce human error.YesRight of ways widths have been verified to support the infrastructure. Preliminary design work has been performed on the street and for the intersections. Constructions area have also been reviewed to allow for construction purposes. Yes2012-09-032013-01-0702013-08-052013-08-0500047370847370812000280001000050000Mary A. RuckCity of Wapakoneta Engineering Department419-738-5596mruck@wapakoneta.net102 Perry St. P.O. Box 269 Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895Attachmentjustin.yoh@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:

The Union Township SRTS project has been selected for funding. We offer to fund sidewalks Clough Pike, Glen Este Middle and Summerside schools as proposed in the application. We ask the community to develop education and encouragement programs during project development.

Environmental -0-
Design -0-
R/W -0-
Construction $187,000
Construction Engineering $19,000
Total: $206,000


We offer to fund  


District recommends this project.  BV

JW - I saw no funding for environmental, how will they complete? Community will fund environmental.  Bill will verify


Bill Vorst - The Twp. is going to pay for the environmental on any project awarded with this application.
District 8Clermontcwright@union-township.oh.us4350 Aicholtz RoadCincinnati45245William VorstWest Clermont LSDSTP and Engineering - Sidewalk Study2011-04-01This project will construct five foot sidewalks for on and off-site improvements to connect the existing Township and school sidewalks to the surrounding schools.  Phase one consists of sidewalks for Clough Pike, Glen Este Middle and Summerside.Sidewalks provide physical safety and encourage active lifestyles for students. PE teachers can utilize sidewalks during their lessons; parents can form walking school buses; and extra curriculum activities can provide safe exercising locations. YesVerified by Union Township Administrator.Yes20122012/20132013201320130.000.000.00186364.7518636.48205001.230.0024500. WrightUnion Township Assistant Administrator513.752.1741cwright@union-township.oh.us4350 Aicholtz Road, Cincinnati, OH 45245Attachmentwilliam.vorst@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:


The Newark SRTS project to build a pedestrian bridge at Legend Elementary provide safe pedestrian walk ways and enhance crossings for Heritage  and Wilson Middle schools has been selected for funding.


Environmental -0-
Design $55,000
R/W -0-
Construction $371,000
Construction Engineering $74,000
Total: $500,000




Good Projects.​

JW 4-9-12: Concern that Heritage Middle improvements do not affect many students. Also on Google it looks like sidewalks are already there. Also are there adequate sidewalks between suggested improvement and school?

4-10-12 Randy will ask locals about sidewalks and why including etc. Wilson Bridge Good Heritage only questionable area.

Randy Comisford:  The sidewalks in the area are past their useful life and will need replaced.  It is a very residential neighborhood.  Aaron believes there is enough rw there records show that the existing sidewalk is in the existing rw.  I would recommend funding for the entire project.   The city will be making quite a funding commitment also.

District 5Lickingaschill@newarkohio.net40 West Main Street, Suite 407Newark43055Randy ComisfordNewark City SchoolsWalk to School Day at Legend Elementary School2011-10-20Completion and approval of School Travel Plan2011-07-08Safety City: Legend Elementary School2011-06-20Safety City: Hillview Elementary School2011-06-13Change Gears: Ride a Bike Event2011-06-04Pedestrian bridge at Legend Elementary; sidewalk installation, crossing enhancements, and sharrows at Heritage Middle; and sidewalk and curb installation (part of road reconstruction – OPWC funds), and crossing enhancements at Wilson Middle.The bridge and sidewalks will create a safe walking route. Intersection crossing upgrades will reduce potential conflicts and improve crosswalk visibility. Sharrows will create a bike facility on a key route where a student was recently struck.YesProjects were mapped in GIS along with existing ROW. All projects except the bridge are in existing ROW. Land for the bridge is owned by a private foundation that builds bike paths throughout the county and will provide a permanent access easement.Yes20122012-201320122012-20142012-2014055514037009474019499627023378015585231170210400Brian Morehead, PE - City EngineerCity of Newark740-670-7725bmorehead@newarkohio.net40 West Main Street, Newark, OH 43055Attachmentrandy.comisford@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:

The Wyoming SRTS project has been selected for partial funding. We offer to fund sidewalks along Compton road as proposed in the application. We are unable to fund the trail portion of the proposal. We ask the community to develop education and encouragement programs during project development.

Environmental $25,000
Design $25,000
R/W -0-
Construction $165,000
Construction Engineering $17,000
Total: $232,000


The District recommends only the Compton Road sidewalk project.  The hike/bike trail only serves the parks and recreation areas of the City.  BV​

Bill will update cost leaving out trail portion.


Here is the estimate after taking out the path in the park.
$25,000  Engineering
$25,000 Environmental
$165,000 construction
$17,000 construction engineering (ODOT Let)
$232,000 Total grant request.



District 8Hamiltonltetley@wyoming.oh.us800 Oak AvenueWyoming45215William VorstWyoming City SchoolsSchool Travel Plan Accepted2011-11-30Connection of existing pedestrian walkways by adding new sidewalks and hike bike trail where currently missingWill allow children to walk or bike to school as is currently not possible in certain areas due to the lack of connectivity.YesPreliminary engineering has been completed on both projectsYes2012-04-012012-04-010900000400000100005000000100000045150010000561500Lynn TetleyCity of Wyoming513-821-7600ltetley@wyoming.oh.us800 Oak Avenue, Wyoming, OH 45215Attachmentwilliam.vorst@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:

The Brooklyn SRTS projects to establish safer cross walks, sidewalks and bikeways has been selected for funding. Unfortunately we are unable to fund the sidewalk inventory portion of the project.

Environmental -0-                  
Design $20,000                                  
R/W -0-                                  
Construction $140,000                                   
Construction Engineering $14,000
Total: $174,000


All items in proposed project come from approved STP.  Final project cost estimates each reflect inflation over the STP values.  In addition an overall contingency factor has been added.  Project design costs are at 14%, higher than the ODOT recognized typical 10%.  The District recommends approval of the project with the following cost adjustments: delete construction contigencies (-$14,035) and cap design at 10% ($14040 versus $21600).  This puts the award at $168,405 or rounded to $168,500.  Project also requires City and School District resolution/ordinance.       ​JMM 4-06-12


4-10-12 - Recomend except for sidewalk inventory of 16,000. Make sure we get resolutions.


Brooklyn City forwarded copies of City and School legislation to ODOT on 4-19-2012.   JMM 4-24-2012. 

District 12Cuyahogajludwig@brooklynohio.gov7619 Memphis Av.Brooklyn44144John MotlBrooklyn City SchoolsImplementation of Bike Patrol2011-09-01Bike Rodeo2011-10-31Walk To Week2011-10-31Safe Routes Signage2012-05-31Safe Routes Walking Maps2012-05-31The project will improve sidewalks, paths and traffic circulation on school property and in drop-off and pick-up zones at each school. The project will address safety concerns by improving cross walks, improving school zone access and cross walk signage.Because of the existing hazards and conflicts between pedestrians and cyclists with motorists, the project improvements reduce conflicts with vehicles, establish safer cross walks, sidewalks and bikeways, resulting in a safer walking/biking environment.YesOur City Engineer has inspected all areas of the proposed project and has determined that there is sufficient Right of Way. All of the proposed items are located on property owned by either the Brooklyn City Schools or the City of Brooklyn.Yes20132014201421600.00154000.0014000.001896002000014000014000174000Douglas G. Coutrney, City of Brooklyn EngineerC.W. Courtney Company440-449-4005 x 127dcourtney@cwcourtney.com700 Beta Drive Suite 200, Cleveland, OH 44143Attachmentjohn.motl@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:

The Port Clinton SRTS project to establish safer pedestrian access, upgrade signing, pavement markings and pedestrian signals in the vicinity of the Bataan Intermediate and Port Clinton Middle Schools. We ask the community to implement education and encouragement programs during project development. 

Environmental -0-
Design -0-
R/W -0-
Construction $390,000
Construction Engineering $16,000
Total: $406,000



FY not identified in application. R/W availability not confirmed, no schedule located either.​

JW - Ask them to tell us how they know they have the RW for the project. Specific locations not identified in estimate, which locations are they actually asking for? 4-18-12 waiting on detail map from city

From Laurie Adams:

Approval:  April 30, 2012
Environmental:  N/A
Design:  June 2012 - April 2013
R/W:  N/A (no right of way required)
Construction: June 2013 - November 2013
Construction Engineering:   June 2013 - November 2013 



District 2Ottawapcssd@portclinton-oh.gov1868 E. Perry StPort Clinton43452Steve ColonyPort Clinton City SchoolsSafety and Health videos by HS Media Class in conjunction with Magruder HospitalOngoingNew schools under construction adding sidewalks and paths on school grounds and in public r/w.2012-08-016th Street Reconstruction including new 5 foot sidewalks2013-12-01Upgrade of signing and pavement marking in school zones.  Add sidewalks and tamps along main school routes.  Add continental crosswalks along main school routes.  Upgrade pedestrian signals.The two new schools will have new walking and biking patterns.  Nearly all students within the City limits are within walking distance of the schools.  Schools are organized by grade, not neighborhood.YesYes390324156134059374293542935Walter WehenkelCity of Port Clinton4197345522 x240pcssd@portclinton-oh.gov1868 E. Perry St, Port Clinton, OH 43452Attachmentsteve.colony@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:

The Village of Versailles SRTS project has been selected for funding. We offer to fund intersection improvements at 4 SRTS locations in the city of Versailles. We ask the community to develop education and encouragement programs during project development.
Environmental -0-
Design -0-
R/W -0-
Construction $223,000
Construction Engineering $22,000
Total: $245,000




The district feels that this would be a very worthwhile and beneficial project to aid in students travelling through the downtown area. I do think, however, that the estimate seems high for the type of work to be completed (especially for the controller timing and maintenance of traffic). The district recommends funding as the project would be very beneficial however, I will ask that the cost estimate be reviewed again. I will have further details during the April 11 conference call. I would also like to note that this will be the Village of Versailles third SRTS project and they have done an incredible job completing their first project with second project running very smoothly so far. This school is our example that we point out to other communities in District 7. ​

JW 4-9-12: I did not see any non infrastructure as the most recent action items. recomend funding as is,

District 7Darkerandygump@versaillesohio.cc177 North Center Street Versailles45380Justin YohVersailles SchoolsSafe Routes to School Travel Plan Completed2009-07-13Safe Routes to School Phase I Project Pending Completion  2012-06-01Safe Routes to School Travel Plan Update Completed 2011-12-12Safe Routes to School Phase II Project Design Plans Approved 2012-01-25Design and install pedestrian crosswalk signals, reconstructed handicap ramps, and piano key crosswalk markings at the four existing traffic light intersections along the Safe Routes to School routes. The pedestrian crosswalk signals, reconstructed handicap ramps, and upgraded piano key crosswalk markings will result in much greater visibility and improved safety for school children walking and riding bicycles to and from the Versailles Schools. 
YesVillage Street Map and Right-of-Way SurveyYes20122013N/A201320130002228242228224510601646000016460Randy A. Gump, Village AdministratorVillage of Versailles937-526-3294 extension 203randygump@versaillesohio.cc177 North Center Street, Versailles, Ohio 45380Attachmentjustin.yoh@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:

The Lakota SRTS project has been selected for funding. We offer to fund sidewalks and intersection improvements as outlined in the application. We ask the community to develop education and encouragement programs during project development. 

Environmental $20,000
Design $42,000 
R/W -0-  
Construction $339,000
Construction Engineering $34,000
Total: $435,000



We offer to fund sidewalks and intersection improvements for the Lakota Local School district as outlined in the application. We ask the community to implement education and encouragement programs during project development.



The District recommens all aspects of this application.  BV​

JW - Concern there is no attention to non infrastructure in this community.

Recommend local work on edu and enc while in project development.

District 8ButlerLoefflerM@BCEO.org1921 Fairgrove Ave (SR 4)Hamilton 45011William VorstLakota Local School The following items in the attched STP for Cherokee were completed by Lakota - Items #11, #21, #222011-08-19The Lakota SRTS Commmitte is seeking finding for items # 12, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18, #23 in the attached STP for Cherokee2012-07-01The following items in the attached STP for Heritage were completed by West Chester Township and Lakota - Items #1, #8, #35, #362012-01-13The Lakota SRTS Committee is seeking funding for items #9, #10, #16 in the attached STP for Heritage2012-07-01The infrastructure improvements for this request would connect to existing infrastructure in the surrounding communities near Cherokee and Heritage to extend to active transportation area. This would complete the STP infrastructure plan for CherokeeCherokee & Heritage have large subdivisions near their buildings that require students to cross high traffic roads. Benefits received would be safe crossing points across roads & expansion of the active transportation zones for both schoolsYesVerified by BCEOYes2012-07-012012-07-012012-07-012012-07-012000042400338800339004351000Dale StewardButler County Engineer's Office (BCEO)513-867-5744StewardD@BCEO.org1921 Fairgrove Ave. (SR 4), Hamilton, OH 45011Attachmentwilliam.vorst@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:


The Mt. Orab SRTS project to install sidewalks on the east side of Boyd Road has been selected for funding. We ask the community to develop education and encouragement programs during project development.


Environmental $23,500
Design -0-
R/W -0-
Construction $125,000
Construction Engineering $12,500
Total: $161,000
We offer to fund the sidewalk along the east side of Boyd Road. . We ask the community to implement education and encouragement programs during project development.


District 9Brownvbenedetti@mtoraboh.us211 South High Street; P.O. Box 466Mt. Orab45154Mark JohansenWestern Brown LSDPhase 1 Sidewalk Design2012-06-11School Transportation Plan2010-07-01Sidewalk along the east side of Boyd Road is recommended because students walk in the 24 foot street or in the ditches to access the 150 single family houses and apartment complex. The east side would avoid conflicts with businesses and utilities.Sidewalks separate pedestrians from motorist and create safe active transportation routes. The safety gained allows students to walk along a safe, paved pathway versus in a ditch along the shoulder of a major arterial road or near the train tracks.NoYes20122013201320132013023500.000124465.0012446.50160411.500000Jeff Stine P.E.Village of Mt. Orab, Ohio513.262.9215vbenedetti@mtoraboh.us211 South High Street, Mt. Orab, OH 45154Attachmentmark.johansen@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:


The Columbus SRTS project to Install pedestrian paths and speed tables at various locations near Binns and Burroughs schools in the Columbus City School District has been approved for funding with the SRTS program.


Environmental $25,000
Design -0-
R/W -0-
Construction $255,000
Construction Engineering $38,000
Total: $318,000



The application looks fine.  Once the Ordinance is signed, it will be completed.  District 6 approves the application​

JW - I am concerned about speed tables being the best countermeasure. Mike will review a little more closely


It appears that the speed tables would be beneficial for this site based on the amount of students that could potentially use the crosswalks at which the speed tables will be located. Appears to be a good traffic calming device for the intersections shown. 


District 6FranklinJMStefanik@Columbus.govDept. of Public Service, 109 N Front StreetColumbus43215Herb LigockiColumbus City SchoolsA new Arrival/Dismissal plan was prepared for Burroughs Elementary providing a safer, more organized atmosphere for students, parents and buses.  2011-10-03Design and construction of new sidewalk on first phase of W. Mound St. sidewalk project.  Project starts at Binns Blvd. and continues west.  2011-11-30Successfully completed and received approval for the School Travel Plan for the Binns- Hilltonia area five schools.  2012-01-09Completed new pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Eakin Road and S. Eureka Avenue for a high student use location.  2011-08-19Includes construction of 2,100 feet of sidewalk (east side only) and 3 intersection speed tables at 2 school locations.  The sidewalk will provide connectivity to W. Mound Street.  Speed tables address speeding problem at 2 schools.New Binns Blvd. sidewalk allows students a safe travel route in the area north of the school.  Speed tables will reduce travel speeds adjacent to 2 school entrances, all providing positive encouragement for students to walk/bike on a safe route.  YesPreliminary engineering was performed using Franklin County GIS mapping with current right-of-way limits.  For both the sidewalk and speed tables, our layout is fairly straightforward and is contained within the current right-of-way.  Yes2012-08-012012-08-012013-07-012013-07-0125000254506381803176866000060000Terry Stewart, PE, Community Mobility EngineerCity of Columbus, Div. of Mobility Options614-645-5671TLStewart@Columbus.govDept. of Public Service, 109 N Front Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215Attachmentherb.ligocki@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:


The Columbus SRTS project to Install curb extensions on Indianola and 7th has not been selected for funding. According to the student location map provided in the STP, students attending Weinland Park Elementary School would not benefit from the proposal.


District 6 recommends this application for approval.  The ordinance needs signatures.​

JW Has ordinance been recived?

Possibley combine with Safety,.

JW Indianola and 7th does not appear to affect any students.

District 6Franklinjmstefanik@columbus.gov109 N  Front StreetColumbus43215Herb LigockiColumbus City SchoolsSTP approved in December 2011City ordinance approved2012-02-27Develop four curb extensions on Indianola Ave at 7th Ave with associated pavement and drainage modifications to improve ped crossing safety.  Relocate/adjust four ped crossing push buttons for curb ext. modifications to meet current ODOT standards.Curb extensions shorten the distance students are exposed to moving vehicles while crossing Indianola Ave. as preferred student travel route. Current ped pushbuttons/pedestals to be adjusted to meet current ODOT location standards.YesReview of City recordsYesFY2012FY2012FY2012FY2012FY201213000108500130001345000Jodi Stefanik, P.E.Division of Mobility Options, City of Columbus614-724-0576jmstefanik@columbus.gov109 N Front Street, Columbus, OH 43215Attachmentherb.ligocki@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:


The Fredricktown SRTS project to establish safe paths at various locations around school as noted in application has been selected for funding. Unfortunately the Cassle Road portion did not get selected for funding, we will move the funding asked for that portion to help fund project design. We ask the community to develop education and encouragement programs during project development.
Environmental -0-
Design $50,000
R/W -0-
Construction $400,000
Construction Engineering $50,000
Total: $500,000


Village did not request funding for PE so that is 100% local cost. ​Concerns with right-of-way, not sure that sidewalk along Cassell Road is warranted at this time, does not connect to any neighborhood sidewalks to get children to the school.

JW 4--9-12 What portion is Cassle Road?

4-10-12: Questioning Sandusky, Columbus connector and Cassell Road my be a problem. (Remove Cassell Road from recomendations) Randy to get back to us.

District 5Knoxfredvil@embarqmail.com2 East Sandusky StreetFredericktown43019Randy ComisfordFredericktown LocalOur SRTS committee compiled the results of a village survey.2011-07-31We conducted an Engineering Study in September .2011-09-15We completed the Fredericktown School Travel Plan.2011-10-30The Fredericktown School Travel Plan was approved by ODOT .2011-12-05The Fredericktown SRTS committee is now engaged in applying for funds to begin work on projects.2012-02-29We will motivate students to walk or bike to school by constructing sidewalks on routes where no sidewalks exist, replacing an unsafe brick walk, and improving crossing treatments at busy intersections along school walking routes. (Details in STP)Parents feel that children don’t walk to school because there are gaps along the path where sidewalks should be or there aren’t any sidewalks. New sidewalks will allow students to get off  streets where the public feels that drivers drive too fast.YesMayor Alan Kintner, our project engineer has verified this information for us.Yes20152015447800447004925000Alan KintnerVillage of Fredericktown740-694-9010fredvil@embarqmail.com2 East Sandusky Street, Fredericktown, OH   43019Attachmentrandy.comisford@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:

The Rossford SRTS project to construct a pedestrian bridge on Glenwood over Grassy Creek, add sidewalks and ramps on Glenwood and Wales and construct additional school zone improvements, has been selected for funding. We ask the community to implement education and encouragement programs during project development.

 Environmental -0-

Design -0-
R/W -0-
Construction $500,000
Construction Engineering -0
Total: $500,000



Pedestrian Bridge, sidewalks and school zone upgrades. Rossford must work on education and encouragement during project development. (500,000 tentatively waiting to hear stats on bridge since cost seems high)




FY not identified in application. R/W acquistion and RR issues likely to impact schedule. Cost estimate seems quite high ( bridge).​

he RR is north of the school and would likely affect more students.

Mike will take a closer look at number of students affected. Estimates seem off and timeframe is not realistic.

Signs and pavement markings seem more realistic.

No dedication to education and encouragement.

From Laurie Adams:

Approval:  April 30, 2012


Environmental:  June 2012 - August 2013
Design:  June 2012 - August 2013
R/W:  September 2013 - March 2014
Construction: April 2014 - November 2014
Construction Engineering:   April 2014 - November 2014




District 2Woodeciecka@rossfordohio.com133 Osborn StreetRossford43460Steve ColonyRossford Village SchoolsReplace existing school flashers with LEDSummer 2012SR 65/Lime City/Colony - intersection improvements including sidewalks and signalFY 2015Lime City Bike Path - SR 65 to MarilynFY 2015Downtown Signal UpgradesFY 2017Pedestrian bridge on Glenwood over Grassy Creek, sidewalks and ramps on Glenwood and Wales, School zone improvements for Indian Hills and Junior High also Eaglepoint, All Saints and Glenwood.The pedestrian bridge will benefit 80% of Indian Hills students and 40% of Junior High students.  Students need to cross creek on roadway with very little shoulder.  School zone improvements benefit all students.NoYes500000500000400002000060000Ed CieckaCity of Rossford4196660210eciecka@rossfordohio.com133 Osborn St, Rossford, OH 43460Attachmentsteve.colony@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:


The Plain City SRTS project to install sidewalks on West Ave. has not been selected for funding. According to the student location map provided, fewer than 5% of students attending the school would benefit from the proposal.



JW Does this project affect enough students?

Mike will research percent of students affected. we suspect not many.


MM - I do not recommend this sidewalk project. 323k for a sidewalk stretch of 0.3 miles that doesn’t affect many students. The students it does affect are nearly 1.5 miles away. 


District 6Madisonhilbert@plain-city.com213 S. Chillicothe StreetPlain City43064Herb LigockiJonathan Alder LocalSRTS Committee Meeting to discuss this project application, safety, the travel plan, etc.2012-02-28Sidewalks and other ped improvements are being designed for S. Chillicothe St, Lantern Ln, E. Main St, WillowCreek Dr, and West St for Fall construct.2012-11-01The project consists of sidewalk installation along West Avenue, between Jefferson Avenue (US 42) and Willow Creek Drive, and Willowbend Circle, just north of West Avenue, along with three ped crossing improvements, for Plain City Elementary School.The project will provide sidewalk and ped crossings where there are currently none.  West Avenue is a busy two-lane road that is not conducive to pedestrian travel without roadside sidewalk.YesVerification at this stage was acheived via the County's auditor site.  Improvements would be kept within existing right-of-way of West Street.Yes2012201220122012201220000.0029862.360248853.0024885.30323600.660Steve HilbertVillage of Plain City614-873-5040hilbert@plain-city.com213 S. Chillicothe Street, Plain City, Ohio 43064Attachmentherb.ligocki@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:


The Poland Township SRTS project to construct sidewalks along SR170 around Dobbins elementary School has been approved for funding.


Environmental -0-
Design -0-
R/W -0-
Construction $455,000
Construction Engineering $ 45,000
Total: $500,000




500,000 Provide pedestrian facility linking elementary school to various neighborhoods along SR 170 Construction and CE only.


Project​ Attachments: all required attachments.

1.itemized PE cost estimate is included.

2. location map is included

3. Section 10 of STP is included...% of students served column is blank.  It was probably blank in STP submittal.  Does the sponsor or ODOT identify this percentage based on mapping student addresses?

4. minutes of last meeting: June 2, 2011

5. NCSRTS datas summary included

6. photos are included

7. ordinance is included

8. excel sheet of student addresses has been submitted previously within 5 yr time frame.


Project does provide pedestrian facility linking elementary school to various neighborhoods along the state route,and fills a gap as it connects to existing walk.  District recommends project for funding.

4-12-12 Recommend


District 4Mahoningtwpbob@att.net3339 Dobbins RoadPoland44514Chris SurmaPoland"Walk Home From School Days"2011-10-31Recess Walking Programs2011-10-14DARE Program2011-03-31Installation of new concrete sidewalk along the east side of SR 170 from Dobbins Elementary School on the south to Nesbitt Avenue on the north, including curb ramps.Under current conditions (no walks on busy SR 170) there is no potential for any students to walk to Dobbins Elementary. Providing sidewalks will make it possible to walk from several subdivisions, also benefits Union, Mckinley, & Poland Middle School.NoWill require minor right-of-way for sidewalk grading. City will pay acquisition costs.Yes2012-12-312012-12-312013-07-152014-04-152014-04-15000455000450005000005,000 Township40,000 Township20.000 Township60,000 Township0NaNGary Diorio, P.E.ms consultants, inc.330-744-5321gdiorio@msconsultants.com333 East Federal Street, Youngstown, Ohio 44503Attachmentchris.surma@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:

The Sugarcreek Township SRTS project has been selected for funding. We offer to fund pedestrian paths in the Bellbrook Sugarcreek School District as outlined in the application. We ask the community to develop education and encouragement programs during project development.


Environmental $10,000
Design $39,000
R/W $50,000
Construction $328,000
Construction Engineering $33,000
Total: $460,000



Attachments were sent to M McNeill via email on 2-29-2012. The file location for all the attachments (25) is O:\SAFETY\SRTS\Sugarcreek Township Attachments - 2012

The District recommends this project.  They have shown great progress in developing phase one of their SRTS project.  BV

Look at both projects...,.(add costs) 

District 8Greenctilford@sugarcreektownship.com2090 Ferry RoadBellbrook45305William VorstBellbrook SugarcreekMulti-use path along Feedwire, pedestrian signal at Upper Bell/Feedwire, crosswalk w/ pedestrian activated warning signs at school drivewaySD-4/2013SRTS Video2012-06-01Walk/Bike to School Day2012-05-18Driver Pamphlets/Student Route Maps2012-06-01Bike Rodeo/SafetyvilleCompletedProj. 1:extend exist. path from Intermed. School s. access to exist. path by water tower-e. side of Upper Bell, connect to school sidewalk; Proj. 2:extend path (current SRTS Infra. Proj.) from Middle School drive to Eden Meadows Way-s. side of FeedwireParent surveys indicated add. paths/safe crossings would make parents more comfortable w/ students engaging in active transportation.  These projects together w/current SRTS Infra. Proj. will provide a safe route for students not currently served.NoProj. 1:School District and City of Bellbrook will allow path construction on public property (MOU attached).  County Engineer will not allow construction of paths in r-o-w.  Proj. 2:Easement donations required.  Talks with property owners ongoing.Yes20132013201420142014100003924750000327060327064590130/00/0constr. on public land/00/00/0NaNBarry TiffanySugarcreek Township937-848-8426btiffany@sugarcreektownship.com2090 Ferry Road, Bellbrook, Ohio 45305Attachmentwilliam.vorst@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:

We are unable to fund the Pataskala SRTS proposal at this time. The improvements requested did not appear to address hazards affecting students crossing SR 310.








Unfunded: We are unable to fund this project at this time. The application did not address the hazards for students crossing SR 310.


There are several obstacles within the project.  It does not appear that it can be constructed within the existing rw, utility concerns, bridge, drive issues, cross SR310 at unsignalized intersection.  Project services very residential area (apartments and homes)

4-10-12; Students would have to cross very busy SR 310. Turn down due to problems getting students across 310.



District 5Lickingdcharris@ci.pataskala.oh.us621 W. Broad St., Suite 2-BPataskala43062Randy ComisfordSouthwest Licking Enforcement- Police Patrols2011-05-31Encouragement-Fall Walk Event2011-10-28Education-Walking Journal Prompts2011-12-02Evaluation-Tallys and Surveys-Delivered- no returns from school2010-10-04Evaluation-Tallys and Surveys- 2012-02-13Install missing sidewalks and accessible ramps along STP Priority Route 3: Willow Street from Main St. to Township Rd. north on Township Rd. east on Coronado to Poff Rd.; & high visibility crossing markings at Township Rd./ Coronado Drive. Provide safe walkways, separated from traffic to complete the route serving a large apartment complex area with lots of children that attend Pataskala Elem.  School District is contemplating eliminating bus routes in this area, so need is now urgent.YesThe City Engineer completed an assessment of right of way along the route and assures us that the project can be done entirely in the City's Right of Way.Yes2012-09-282013-02-282013-07-312012-07-31015300013738753081579950B.J.King, City Services DirectorCity of Pataskala740-927-0145bjking@ci.pataskala.oh.us621 W. Broad St, Suite 2-B, Pataskala, Ohio 43062Attachmentrandy.comisford@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:
The Paulding SRTS project to establish safer pedestrian access on Tom-Tim, North Main, Caroline and George has been selected for funding. We ask the community to implement education and encouragement programs during project development.
Environmental $8,300-                      
Design $45,100                                  
R/W $11,600                          
Construction $408,500                                   
Construction Engineering $24,600
Total: $499,000
4-10-12 Recommend funding as noted in application $500,000
Emerald Road has encroachments (landscaping, parking etc.).  Also has 2 ditches to cross.  Challenging project, but wothwhile.  Caroline has questionable R/W issues related to parkng, especially at VFW & County  Court buildings.  Main and George have a few encroachment problems, but overall should be okay.  Need to determine if there is a necessity to do sidewalks on the west end of George.  Fiscal year they are requesting needs to be adjusted.  Recommend to approve this application.
JW 4-9-12 - I wonder avbout the Caroline Road Portion, Questinable as to necessity due to minimal students in the area, Should we consider removing this portion? District says Caroline is legitimate.
JW 4-10-12 - District recommends.
District 1Pauldingharrywiebe@roadrunner.com116 South Main StreetPaulding45879Roger DickmanPaulding Ex.  SchoolsParticipation in Walk to School Day. A Walk to School Day planned for spring- 20122012-05-01 PEERS group meets to organize, plan, & lead community members, staff, and students on importance of pedestrian and bicycle safety. .2012-03-21Monthly meetings, email, or phone correspondence of SRTS committee members2012-02-27SRTS meeting2012-01-19SRTS team met with consultant from DLZ and ODOT to discuss scope of work they are to provide for funding awarded on March 31, 20112012-01-23 Sidewalk, Emerald,  east side, from Johnson, to Tom-Tim, cross to west, continue  to school, sidewalk on North Main north of Baldwin to Miles,  sidewalk on portions of Caroline between Grant and Emerald,  sidewalk on  George between Walnut and CherrySidewalks will provide safety for students walking to and from school.Yes By viewing the subdivision and village plats as well as through discussion with the village administrator.Yes2012-02-212012-02-212012-02-212012-02-212012-02-218300451001160040846024600498060000000Harry WiebeVillage Administrator419-399-2806harrywiebe@roadrunner.com116 South Main Street; Paulding, Ohio  45879Attachmentroger.dickman@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:


The Village of Lowelville SRTS project to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety at the SR 289/Wood St. Intersection and Walnut Street has been approved for funding. Specific locations will be further refined during a field review with ODOT. We ask the community to develop education and encouragement programs during project development.


Environmental $4,000
Design $30,000
R/W -0-
Construction $374,000
Construction Engineering $ 34,000


Total: $442,000


All required attachments are included.  Community is  densely populated residentail with aging ped infrastructure.  Recent sidewalk projects have been funded by MPO.  This would address some other areas and provided ped safety features.  District recommends for funding.

JW Comment - Concerned that sidewalks are maintenance issue, not useful life issue.

4-12-12 Chris will revaluate and get back to us with better cost estimate for eligible items.


Chris, did you get a chance to find out if sidewalks are past their useful life? (more than 20 years old)






District 4Mahoninglowellvillemayor@yahoo.comPO Box 102Lowellville44436Chris SurmaLowellvilleInstall crossing signal at SR 289/Wood St. Intersection including crosswalks, walk repair and ramps, repair deteriorated sidewalks near school campus; repaint crosswalks in heavily used areas, construct missing section of sidewalk at Walnut St. bridge.Crossing signal addresses primary hazard area that discourages parents from allowing walking to school.  Sidewalk repair, crosswalks, and construction of missing sidewalk section all address deficiencies in the Lowellville sidewalk system.YesVillage consulting engineer has evaluated all projects and determinedYes2012-12-312013-02-282013-06-172013-06-17400030000037400034000442000000000Gary Diorio, P.E.ms consultants, inc.330-744-5321gdiorio@msconsultants.com333 East Federal Street, Youngstown, Ohio 44503Attachmentchris.surma@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:

The Deer Creek SRTS project has been selected for funding. We offer to fund the signal upgrade in the Deer Park School District to include pedestrian signal heads with countdown heads. We ask the community to continue developing the Bike Rodeo and other education and encouragement projects during project development.

Environmental -0-
Design $21,000
R/W -0-
Construction $140,000
Construction Engineering $14,000
Total: $175,000




JW - this project will affect 2 schools​. No action items mention non infrastructure.... From BV:

They are planning on a Bike Rodeo with the police inspecting the bike for proper safety gear, and teaching them the laws of using a bike.  The promotion of this will be through the school and SRTS team.  Anticipated attendance for this = 200 to 400.  This is an expanded version of a similar event years ago.


District will do environmental Good to go...




District 8HamiltonMBerens@deerpark-oh.gov7777 Blue Ash Rd.Deer Park45236William VorstDeer Park City SchoolsUpdated Signage2011-01-01Curb Bump Outs along Galbraith Road with SRTS funds (final tracings just submitted)2012-08-01School Zone Signage with SRTS funds (final tracings just submitted)2012-08-01Bicycle Racks Installed2012-05-01Installed ADA Ramps2011-01-01The project includes retrofitting the Galbraith at Plainfield Road traffic signal and replacement of the Plainfield Road at Matson traffic signal.  The proposed signal work to include pedestrian signal heads with countdown heads.The traffic signal improvements will modernize the existing installations and provide pedestrian signal heads with adequate crossing times and display remaining crossing times.YesReviewed available GIS data & property records.  Work limited to existing signal equipment footprintsYes20132013201321000140000140001750000Mike BerensCity of Deer Park513-794-8860MBerens@deerpark-oh.gov7777 Blue Ash Rd.  Deer Park OH  45236Attachmentwilliam.vorst@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:

The City of Dayton SRTS project has been selected for funding. We offer to fund sidewalk segment on south side of West Hillcrest Ave. near Fairview School.

Environmental -0-
Design -0-
R/W -0-
Construction $188,000
Construction Engineering $18,000
Total: $206,000


The project provides a much needed missing sidewalk segment to connect to an existing sidewalk network​ at Catalpa Drive which is a signalized intersection with full pedestrian movements.

This project is very beneficial to students having safe access to the new school building and the district recommends this project.

JW 4-10-12: Do we need to add sidewalk in front of new school as well? (Already Complete)

4-11-12: Good as is

District 7Montgomery mary.taylor@daytonohio.gov101 West Third StreetDayton45402Justin YohDaytonConstruction of approximately 385 feet of new sidewalk along the school property on West Hillcrest Avenue where sidewalk never existed 2011Reconstruction of sidewalk along the school property on Elsmere Avenue2011Construction of two new sidewalk connections from Ravenwood Avenue to provide safe shortcut access to the school and its recreation amenities2011Design of a new lighted sidewalk from Fairview Avenue to the recently built sidewalk at the school 2011Bike racks installed at entrances to school and Fairview Pool as part of Fairview Commons campus improvements2011Complete missing sidewalk segment on south side of West Hillcrest Ave. from the sidewalk’s current terminus at east end of Fairview School property east to Catalpa Drive.  At Catalpa, the sidewalk will meet an extensive existing sidewalk network. Hillcrest is a collector with a 6486 ADT before new school opened. Now ADT is higher. With project, children won’t need to cross the street at Catalpa to use sidewalk on north side of Hillcrest and then cross Hillcrest again once they reach school.NoYes20132012201320142014000188000176002056000180002500047000440094400Stephen FinkeCity of Dayton937-333-3839steve.finke@daytonohio.gov101 West Third Street Dayton, OH 45402Attachmentjustin.yoh@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:

The City of Dayton SRTS project has been selected for funding. We offer to fund the connector from the Wolfe Creek Bikeway to the Broadway Street Bridge for the Edison School.

Environmental -0-
Design -0-


R/W -0-
Construction $84,000
Construction Engineering $9,000
Total: $93,000


This project will connect Edison Elementary School with the Wolf Creek Bikeway​ (A branch of the Great Miami River Recreational Trail). This connection has the potential to benefit a large number of students who could utilize the existing recreational pathways to walk/bike to school. District highly recommends.

4-11-12: District will ask Mary Taylor how many student will be able to benifit from this path. I disagree with Mary Taylors estimation of 90% Looking into it further.

District 7Montgomery mary.taylor@daytonohio.gov101 West Third StreetDayton45402Justin YohDayton City Commission adopts 2025 Bicycle Action Plan which includes construction of Broadway Bridge to Wolf Creek Bikeway Connector as short term project 2011City constructed sidewalk and curb, traffic calming curb extension, landscaping and pavement markings along Broadway Street.2011City Commission adopts a Livable Streets Policy which promotes an interconnected transportation network that meets the needs of peds and bicyclists. 2010Construct a 10 ft. wide asphalt connecting path from the Wolf Creek Bikeway, which runs along the river, up to the Broadway Street Bridge and the street network. Edison School is a ½ block from the bridge. The connector will allow easy, safe, visible and public access to the Wolf Creek Bikeway which is now reached by hidden gravel ramps. This is a significant deterrent to use of the bikeway for school access and everyday use.NoYes2012201220132013201300084000840092400200080001500025000Stephen FinkeCity of Dayton937-333-3839steve.finke@daytonohio.gov101 West Third Street Dayton, Ohio 45402Attachmentjustin.yoh@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:

The bicycle and pedestrian safety projects for the city of East Cleveland have been selected for funding. We are unable to fund the sidewalk and sign inventories.   

Environmental -0-                  
Design $40,000                                  
R/W -0-                                  
Construction $380,000                                   
Construction Engineering $4,000
Total: $424,000



JW 4-9-12:
I wonder if locals have considered cost of maintaining lights.
Prospect: Will Terrace Road signal upgrade affect walkers or bikers, it looks like this woud be primarily for cars?

Terrace Road signal upgrade is included in STP and appears in application graphic, but is not included in project estimate or description.  District recommends approval with the following revisions: revise design costs to 10% and delete construction contingencies.      JMM 4-09-12

4-10-12: Terrace Road is not in proposal. Deduct funds for sidewalk inventenory. John will ask about maintenance for lighting,

From John Motl to Village 4-16-12:

Ross, it’s been awhile since we spoke.  I’m the District 12 Safe Routes to School Coordinator, and I’ve been involved in  the review of the new applications for SRTS funding.  While reviewing the East Cleveland application with ODOT Central Office, the question was raised of the City’s ability to maintain new infrastructure especially in light of the City’s “Fiscal Watch” status.  This is particularly true of the proposed new pedestrian lighting along Superior Road.  What assurance can the City offer to demonstrate that the lights will be maintained once installed – dedicated lighting fund, dedicated lighting maintenance crew, lighting maintenance agreement with First Energy, etc.?  Please respond at your earliest convenience as the deadline for project awards is April 30.
The City of East Cleveland is unique in that, it has owned, operated and maintained its' own street light system for almost a century. 
We have and continue to have a relationship with the Illuminating Company, supplying electrical power to our street light poles and HPS luminaires, with East Cleveland responsible for the maintenance, repair and replacement of the same. 
Our electrical department over the years has downsized from five employees to currently two, however we quite often move two employees from the Service Division to the Electrical Division to assist when additional manpower is needed for traffic control and especially during light pole installations. 
Our Electrical Division also maintains all of the City's fifty (50) traffic signalized intersections. 
Given the above, please be assured that the City of East Cleveland will maintain, repair and replace street lighting poles, luminaires and appurtenances installed upon Superior Road, as part of our Safe Routes to School grant application program. 
Please advise if you have any additonal questions or comments and/or need this information placed upon our city letterhead 
Ross M. Brankatelli, P.E., East Cleveland City Engineer and Service Director
216-681-2193  or  216-310-9540
District 12Cuyahogamayornorton@eastclevleand.org14340 Euclid AvEast Cleveland44112John MotlEast Cleveland City S DCompletion of School Travel Plan2011-10-31SRTS Logo/Slogan Contest2011-12-22SRTS Logo/Slogan Contest Award Assembly2012-05-31Bike Rodeo2012-07-31Walk to School Week2011-10-31East Cleveland SRTS will focus on improved lighting, painting crosswalks, pedestrian signals and signage to increase motorist awareness and student safety within cross walks, school zones, and along sidewalks at four elementary schools.  The East Cleveland project will reduce conflicts between pedestrians, cyclists and motorists along safe routes in cross walks and school zones. Lighting along sidewalks will improve visibility to increase safety of pedestrians along dark corridors.YesThe City Engineer/Service Director has verified that all of the projects included have adequate Right of Way.Yes201220132013044927.400353001.0032091.00430019.4400003800004000424000Ross Brankatelli, P.E.City of East Cleveland216-681-2419rbrankatelli@eastcleveland.org1610 Eddy Rd., East Cleveland, OH 44112Attachmentjohn.motl@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:


The Monroe Falls SRTS project to provide pedestrian facilitates and upgraded crossings near schools in the Stow-Munroe Falls School District has been approved for funding. If R/W becomes a major obstacle on Fishcreek Road, we may have to remove this portion of the project. We ask the community to develop education and encouragement programs during project development.


Environmental $20,000
Design $35,000
R/W $20,000
Construction $233,000
Construction Engineering $ 23,000
Total: $331,000



370,000  Provide pedestrian facilitities and upgraded crossings near schools in the Stow-Munroe Falls School District.


Complete application with all required attachments.   Proposed sidewalk installation bridges a gap in existing sidewalk in residential area near Echo Hills Elementary.  This portion requires ROW acquisition.  Intersection improvements.​  Paving an existing gravel path that will link a neighborhood more directly with Lakeview Highland school campus.   Proposals on Action Plan and eligible for funding.

4-12-12 Recommend

District 4Summitrkurtz@stow.oh.us3760 Darrow RoadStow44224Chris SurmaStow - Munroe Falls#10 & #11 Install sidewalks on Call Road (Engineering in process, construction expected to begin Summer 2012)2012-12-03#14 Pave Existing pathway south of Indian Trail(Engineering in process, construction expected to begin Summer 2012)2012-12-03#19 Provide better crosswalk signage along Rose Ave.(Engineering in process, construction expected to begin Summer 2012)2012-12-03#27 Purchase speed monitors for Lakeview/Highland, Echo Hills & Fishcreek.(Engineering in process, construction expected to begin Summer 2012)2012-12-031) Install asphalt path 850 l.f (6' wide) to connect Lillian/Mohican & new crosswalk (pave existing gravel path)  2) Install 900 l.f. sidewalk 5' Fishcreek Road south of Stow Road 3) Crosswalk improvements Stow Road @ Maplewood Rd. & King Dr.  1)Improve path surface and enhance saftey at trail entrance on Lillian Rd/Waxwing Tr. intersection 2)Enhance safety by providing sidewalk along street with heavy traffic flow 3)Improve safety of walkers by enhancing visiblity of crosswalks to motorists. NoRght-of-way is sufficient for Items #1 & #3 based on on preliminary field survey by city engineering staff.  Additional right-of-way may be necessary for item #2 Fishcreek RoadYes201220122012201220122000072000200002325502350036805020000350002000023300023000331000JIm McCLearyCity of Stow330.689.2711jmccleary@stow.oh.us 3760 Darrow Road Stow, Ohio 44224Attachmentchris.surma@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:

The bicycle and pedestrian safety projects for Haddon and Buckeye Elementary Schools in Painsville have been selected for funding. We ask the community to implement education and encouragement programs during project development.

Environmental -0-                  

Design $59,000                                  
R/W -0-                                  
Construction $432,000                                   
Construction Engineering -0-
Total: $491,000



JW, 3-5-12 Updated email per applicant request​

District recommennds approval of application.  Proposed action complies with Action Plan Engineering Items, pages 26 to 32.  District does note high cost of P.E., 13.7%, versus the typical 10% and recommends capping P.E. costs at 10%.   JMM 4-04-12 

JW 4-9-12: Action Items denote only infrastructure, does this community do anything for non infrastructure?

4-10-12: Mike will recalculate numbers.

District 12Lakedlandeg@painesvilletwp.com55 Nye RoadPainesville44077John MotlRiverside Local SchoolsLake County Engineers Office will supply and install all end school zone signs 2012-04-30Painesville Township will administor the Contact for the Project2014-03-01Lake County Engineers Office will supply Inspection Services for Project2013-08-20Lake County Engineers Office will Strip Crosswwalks and school zone markings for Hale Rd & Madison Ave2012-08-20Resolutions to be passed:  Painesville Township 3/20/2012 - The Riverside Local School district 3/27/20122012-03-27Install sidewalks (over Paths), School Flashers, signing, pavement markings, bicycle racksPedestrian  & Vehicle onflicts eliminated, Pubic awareness of School Zones and crossing areasYesCounty Road RecordsYes20132013-06-012014-03-0159000.00431220490220Painesville Township/Lake County EngineerNaNW. David Landeg - AdministratorPainesville Township440-352-1443dlandeg@painesvilletwp.com55 Nye Road, Painesville, Ohio 44077Attachmentjohn.motl@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:

The Cambridge SRTS project to install pedestrian paths at various locations in the Cambridge City School District has been selected for funding. We ask the community to develop education and encouragement programs during project development.


Environmental -0-
Design -0-
R/W -0-
Construction $487,000
Construction Engineering $13,000
Total: $500,000








JW 4-9-12 So I layered all the improvements and they all seem to impact a large number of students. ​

4-10-12:Recommend but stress that community must do some education and encouragement while project is in development,.

District 5Guernseycamb-engr@cambridgeoh.org1131 Steubenville AveCambridge43725Randy ComisfordCambridge City SchoolRemove & replace sidewalks along S 7th St from Jefferson Ave to Grant Ave2012-09-03Remove & replace sidewalks along Clairmont Ave from Clark St to N 10th St2012-09-03Install 2 flashing beacons along Clairmont Ave2012-09-03Remove & replace sidewalks along Deerpath Dr from North Elementary to Wills Creek Valley Dr2012-09-03Remove & replace sidewalks along N 7th St from Steubenville Ave to Stewart Ave2012-09-03Install new sidewalks at these locations: 1)Jefferson Ave South-G, 2)McKinley Ave Central-M, 3)N10th St Central-J.  Replace sidewalks at these locations: 1)S6th St South-I, 2)N 10th St Central-H, 3)Beatty Ave St. B-C, & 4)Wills Creek Valley Dr. North-C.Replacement of insufficient walkways will provide a safe, smooth, and a non-trip hazardous path for students to ride a bicycle andwalk to school.  Replacement of curb ramps at intersections will provide a safe accessible for students with disabilities.YesWe have reviewed the tax maps at each project locations, and determined that all sidewalks are located with the right-of-way.Yes2013-06-022013-06-022013-06-022014-06-022014-06-02487251.8712748.135000000Paul E. Sherry, P.E., P.S.City of Cambridge740-432-3601camb-engr@cambridgeoh.org1131 Steubenville Ave, Cambridge, OH 43725Attachmentrandy.comisford@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:


The Liberty Township SRTS project to provide pedestrian facilities and pedestrian signals has been approved for funding. Specific locations may be modified from application during the project scoping process. We ask the community to develop education and encouragement programs during project development.


Environmental $5,000
Design $32,000
R/W -0-
Construction $416,000
Construction Engineering $ 37,000
Total: $490,000




490,000: Add sidewalks on SR 304 and construct pedestrian signal at a location to be determined during scoping. Liberty must work on education and encouragement during project development. Specific project locations may be modified during the scoping process.

I asked the age of the Lowellville sidewalks proposed for replacement, and was told that they date back to the 1950s… the SRTS application didn’t cite specific street locations or distinctly identify the spots on mapping.  I think we would see exact locations at scoping meeting.   We can finalize locations in the field at the scoping meeting?  We do that all the time.  If we find that the area in question is neglected instead of old, we can determine that location won’t be addressed under this project…

Application is complete and includes all requirements.  Proposed sidewalk sections make connections and provide ped facilities where none currently exisit in vicinity of Liberty Twp schools campus.   Limits might be questionable- to Joann, which is not densely residential, and seems to terminate at commercial facilities.  Establishing termini can be finalized at scoping project.  2 ped signals are proposed-one is identified at a park entrance.  Park entrance for delivering students to schools?  However, park is across the street from a neighborhood... ​   Also note that the proposed ped signal locations  in application ARE NOT locations identified in SRTS Action Plan.  Does this disqualify those improvements even though the proposed ped signal would provide safe crossing for students at a busier facility than the one identified in action plan?    Recommendation for at least sidewalk locations if we partially fund this.  


JW - concern that they have done nothing for non infrastrucuture, recomend education and encouragement during project developemnt.

4-12-12- Look at location of signal near park otherwise recommend.


CS -

Well, I think there might be better locations along that stretch for crossing students.   Right off the bat, Summit St. is more reasonable, but at time of scoping we can look more closely at an alternate location that makes the most sense…There’s 3 or 4 unsignalized streets right in a row there.  Why the park?
To MM.
According to Chris Surma Ped signal would only affect about 12 students, can you take a second look and let me know what you think?
Is this the only school in the vicinity?





District 4Trumbullungaro@libertytwp.com1315 Churchill-Hubbard RoadLiberty Township44505-1378Chris SurmaLiberty LocalThe proposed project is the installation of new sidewalk on Churchill-Hubbard Rd (SR 304) (n. side, JoAnn to opposite twp. park, 4,400') and Fifth Street (SR 304 north to Overbrook, 850'). Includes ped. signals at Shady Road and at twp. park.Adding sidewalks on SR 304 will reduce hazard of students walking on busy highway. Ped. signals will connect to new sidewalk on Shady Road. New sidewalk on Fifth will connect many existing sidewalks to school campus.YesTwp. consulting engineer has reviewed project and verified adequate right-of-way availabity.2013-02-282012-12-312013-06-172013-06-175000320000416000370004900000Gary Diorioms consultants, inc.330-744-5321gdiorio@msconsultants.com333 East Federal Street, Youngstown, Ohio 44503Attachmentchris.surma@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:

A portion of the Gahanna SRTS project has been selected for funding. ODOT would like to fund the Jefferson path and Laura Heil extension as well as the Cherrybottom and East Johnstown portion of the request. Unfortunately we are unable to fund the Shull Road portion since it would benefit only a small percentage of students who would then have a 2 mile commute to school.  

Environmental $8,000
Design $28,000
R/W -0-
Construction $200,000
Construction Engineering $8,000
Total: $245,000


Gahanna: MM is looking into student count for Johnstown Road Cherrybottom portion, Waiting to hear back from City regarding Shull to Morse portion.


District 6 recommends this application for approval.​

JW lets take a look at the overall student location map

Shull Road portion will not affect a large number of students.

Johnstown Cherrybottom did not compare favorably and Laurel Heil is good to go. &70,000

District 6Franklinmichael.andrako@gahanna.gov200 S. Hamilton Rd.Gahanna43230Herb LigockiGahannaJeffersonSDBike rodeo, Jefferson Elementary School2011-10-08Walk/Bike to School Days, Jefferson, Lincoln, MSE, MSW2011-10-12CORE Team Meeting2011-12-06Public Meeting, 2009 Infrastructure Projects, Gahanna City Hall2011-12-01Public Meeting, 2009 Infrastructure Projects, Gahanna City Hall2011-12-151)Cherrybottom Road and East Johnstown Road sidewalk and Multi Use Path. 2) Heil and Laura sidewalk extensions, improved multiuse path on school property. 3) Multi use trail on Shull Road connecting Morse Rd. to Harrison Pond subdivision.All projects will give safer walking/biking access to between 20-35% of students at Jefferson Elementary and Middle School East. All address safety issues addressed in Bikeway Master Plan and public comments on 2009 Infrastructure projects.YesCity Engineer Evaluation of properties through project analysis.Yes2012-09-302013-09-302014-05-012014-05-011000025000283000283103463100Karl WetherholtCity of Gahanna, Department of Engineering614 342 4050karl.wetherholt@gahanna.gov200 S. Hamilton Rd. Gahanna Ohio 43230Attachmentherb.ligocki@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:


The Genoa Township SRTS project to provide crosswalks, HAWK signal, programmable school zone signs, bike racks and pads at various locations in Genoa Township has been selected for funding with modified costs as noted below


Environmental $10,000
Design $26,000
R/W -0-
Construction $185,000
Construction Engineering $18,000
Total: $239,000




District 6 recommends the approval of this application​

Location map not supplied. Herb will get the map for us.

4-20-2012 Cost estimate and amount asked for in application are very different, asked community to elaborate.

Cost estimate is buried in the feasability study and in the document titled Westerville Schools SRTS project.

District 6Delawaresdorsch@genoatwp.com5111 South Old 3C HighwayWesterville43082Herb LigockiOlentangy & Westerville  Relocated school speed limit signs to represent extended school zones2011-09-01Install school advanced warning, school speed limit and end school zone signs along Freeman Rd.2011-09-01Relocate existing 25 MPH speed limit sign on Mt. Royal Ave.2012-02-23Installed two new programmable, 20 MPH school zoning signs assemblies with flashing beacons along Tussic Street Road.2012-01-31Completed trail connection from Freeman Park to intersection of State Route 3.2011-11-30Walnut Creek Elementary School Zone improvements: Crosswalks, HAWK signal; and programmable school zone signs.  Fouse and Alcott Elementary: Install bike racks and pavement.Provides safe pedestrian facilities including paths and crosswalks and provides enhanced safety by increasing driver awareness of school zone area.YesDelaware County Engineering Feasibility StudyYes20132013201320131000040000185000200002550000Paul WiseGenoa Township614-895-1126pwise@genoatwp.com5111 South Old 3C Highway, Westerville, Ohio  43082Attachmentherb.ligocki@dot.state.oh.usSubmittedDistrict Comments:
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