​This funding opportunity will be used to help communities with ODOT approved School Travel Plans make safety based changes to encourage and enable students in grades K-8 walk or bike ride to school.

* You may save the application if you would like to work on it over several days.
The answer must be yes to the following conditions or the project is ineligible for SRTS Infrastructure funding.
  1. Will the project encourage or enable students in grades k-8 to walk or ride their bicycles to school safely?
  2. Is the SRTS Committee Active? Meeting minutes will be required as an attachment.
  3. Does an ODOT approved School Travel Plan cover at least one school identified in this application? Click Here 
  4. If the project is funded, does the applicant agree to provide yearly data, (prior to and for 5 years following project completion) using the student travel and parent survey forms developed by the National Center for Safe Routes to School. Click Here 
The following attachments are required as part of this application (no larger than 20 MB):
  1. Detailed estimate of costs certified by qualified professional
  2.  Minutes and date of last SRTS committee meeting
  3. Updated Action Plan (if different from ODOT approved STP)
  4. Summary only of latest NCSRTS data for target schools (http://www.saferoutesdata.org)
  5. Copy of Ordinance/Resolution. Original will be required if project is selected. 
  6. Specific plan on moving the project forward if funding is not provided in subsequent funding rounds. 
  7. Support letter from MPO if project is within MPO area. (click here to verify)
  8. If not provided within the past 5 years (click here to verify), a spreadsheet (Excel preferred) including:
      • Address of each student attending school (include all students, do not include names)
      • Grade for each student
      • School Attended
      • (If community is also applying for infrastructure funds, include with one application only)
  9. Please note that special characters can not be used in attachments, special characters include: 
    ~ # % & * { } | \ : " < > ? / 

Click Here if applicant agrees to conditions and is ready to complete application. 
















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