This funding opportunity will be used to help communities develop School Travel Plans to identify safety based countermeasures that will encourage and enable students in grades K-8 walk or bike ride to school.

* You may save the application if you would like to work on it over several days.
ODOT will provide the assistance of one of their task order consultants to work closely with you throughout the entire process. For Large School Districts; matching funds may be required. Contact your SRTS coordinator with questions.
The following attachments are required as part of this application:
  1. Copy of Ordinance/Resolution. Original will be required if project is selected. Ordinance/Resolution Example
  2. Support letter from MPO if project is within MPO area. (click here to verify)
  3. Signed letter noting agreement to participate by a representative of community, school, law enforcement and health.
  4. Spreadsheet (Excel preferred) including:
    • Address of each student attending school (include all students, do not include names)
    • Grade for each student
    • School Attended
  5. Please note that special characters can not be used in attachments, special characters include: 
    ~ # % & * { } | \ : " < > ? / 

Click Here if applicant agrees to conditions and is ready to complete application.