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High Risk Rural Road Lists - 2012



Derek Troyer
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For county and township roads, ODOT has created a table and map that exhibit the sections of county and township roads that have an incapacitating injury and fatality rate above the statewide average from 2008 through 2012. However, since ODOT may not have the actual volume of daily traffic data for the specific roadway section an estimated value may have been used. The local jurisdiction will have to enter the actual volume data into the spreadsheet below to calculate the fatalities and incapacitating injuries crash rates for the section and compare to the statewide average. If the calculated rate exceeds the statewide rate for the respective functional classification on a specific roadway, the section would be eligible for HRRRP funding.

Expand the section below to view the maps for the State and Local Systems:


 Statewide Crash Rates


​The current statewide crash rates per 100 million vehicle miles traveled for fatalities and incapacitating injuries for the three HRRP-eligible functional classifications are as follows:

State System Crash Rates:

Functional Class Crash Rate
Rural Major Collector 13.88
Rural Minor Collector 17.04
Rural Local Road


Local System Crash Rates:

Functional Class Crash Rate
Rural Major Collector 7.88
Rural Minor Collector 11.15
Rural Local Road


The rural minor collector rate is used as a conservative estimate for the rural local road classification since the mileage of state and U.S. routes classified as rural local roads is extremely limited.

*Weighted Average ADT - The values were derived utilizing the available data within HPMS per functional class. The weighted average ADT values are then used to calculate the crash rate of fatalities and incapacitating injuries to determine if these roadway sections are HRRRP eligible. If a local jurisdiction exceeds the crash rate threshold based on an ADT which differs from the calculated weighted average ADT and will be requesting for HRRRP funds, the local jurisdiction must supply the "crash rate calculation spreadsheet" (see below) showing the ADT used for the calculation at the time of the request.


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 High Risk Rural Road Lists

2012 HRRR Priority List - County System (2008-2012).xls
2012 HRRR Priority List - State System (2008-2012).xlsx
2012 HRRR Priority List - Township System (2008-2012).xls
2012 HRRR Project Calculation Tool.xls
County Shapefile.zip
State Shapefile.zip
Township Shapefile.zip

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County Name

 High Risk Rural Road Maps

2012 HRRR Location Map_Adams County.pdfAdams
2012 HRRR Location Map_Allen County.pdfAllen
2012 HRRR Location Map_Ashland County.pdfAshland
2012 HRRR Location Map_Ashtabula County.pdfAshtabula
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Protection of Data from Discovery & Admission into Evidence
Section 148(g)(4) stipulates that data compiled or collected for the preparation of safety lists “…shall not be subject to discovery or admitted into evidence in a Federal or State court proceeding or considered for other purposes in an action for damages arising from any occurrence at a location identified or addressed in such reports…” This information is also protected by 23 USC 409 (discovery and admission as evidence of certain reports and surveys).