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Safe Routes to School Crash Statistics

Instructions for use of Ohio School Crash Statistics:

  1. Use link to the right to Open Excel 2007 Document.
  2. Click on arrow in Column F and choose County. This will narrow results by  the county you are researching.
  3. Click on arrow in Column G and choose City, Village or Township by name. This will further narrow the results by jurisdiction (there will be some overlap with this selection).
  4. Click on arrow in Column C and choose School by name. This will further narrow results by school.
  5. Select and Copy all visible fields.
  6. Open new book in Excel.
  7. Paste Special and select formulas to paste information (including map links) into new book (This step is crucial.  If you do not paste into new book, all statewide information will be accessed during the next step).
  8. Save the new book to your computer.  
  9. The result will be the accidents for the specific school you are researching.
  10. The procedure may have to be repeated for multiple schools. (Note: Crashes are unique by school.  If looking for all crashes in a school district, it will be likely that duplicates exist).

Remember to further narrow results to areas students actually use, or have the potential to use, to travel back and forth to school.

The following table contains statewide crash data for the number of Bicycles and Pedestrians involved in a crash within 2 miles of a k-8 school.

2010 - 2012 Crashes (All Ages)
Pedestrian Involved Bicycle Involved Totals
No Injury 444 No Injury 740 1,184
Possible Injury 1,793 Possible Injury 1,197 2,990
Non-Incapacitating Injury 2,806 Non-Incapacitating Injury 2,107 4,913
Incapacitating Injury 1,348 Incapacitating Injury 571 1,919
Fatal Injury 256 Fatal Injury 36 292
Unknown Injury 340 Unknown Injury 228 568
2010-2012 Total 6,987 2010-2012 Total 4,879 11,866
2009-2011 6,847 2009-2011 4,905 11,734
Percent Change 2.04 Percent Change -0.53% 1.12%

2010 - 2012 Crashes (Ages 5 to 14)
Pedestrian Involved Bicycle Involved Totals
No Injury 80 No Injury 202 282
Possible Injury 277 Possible Injury 332 609
Non-Incapacitating Injury 529 Non-Incapacitating Injury 645 1,174
Incapacitating Injury 231 Incapacitating Injury 136 367
Fatal Injury 14 Fatal Injury 3 17
Unknown Injury 53 Unknown Injury 40 93
2010-2012 Total 1,184 2010-2012 Total 1,358 2,542


For the Crash Report Help File: Click Here

For the Ohio Department of Public Safety Statewide Crash Statistics: Click Here  

Instructions to obtain specific OH-1 Reports from ODPS:

  1. In Excel, sort crashes by year.
  2. Copy Document Numbers by Year in groups of 100 records.
  3. Only one year can be searched at a time.
    1. If a specific year has more than 100 records, view the records in multiple groups not exceeding the 100 record limit. 
  4. Paste Document Numbers into the "Document Number" field.
  5. Fill in the "Code" in the yellow box, and select the "Submit" button.
  6. Click the "Get Report Date" button.
  7. Click "Select Report" hyperlink next to each specific crash record to view the OH-1 Report Document.



Cory Hopwood
(614) 387-5164


 Crash Statistics

Crashes by School 2007-2009.xlsb
Crashes by School 2008-2010.xlsb
Crashes by School 2009-2011.xlsb
Crashes by School 2010-2012.xlsb