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Do I have to submit an ODOT Budget Form for OPREP and Student Study White Papers or should I just mention the total requested amount of funding in the White Paper?

It is not necessary to provide an itemized budget with an OPREP or Student Study white paper.  The white paper should identify an estimated cost of conducting the proposed project. White Paper submissions selected for funding will be required to complete the ODOT Budget Form with a fully developed proposal.


Can a member from a different department or center from the same university meet the partnership requirement for OPREP

Yes. A partner may be another faculty member from a different department within your University.


 Does the five page limit include bibliography pages?

Bibliography pages do not count toward the five page limit. As a point of clarification, this is a white paper solicitation; if selected for funding, a full proposal will be requested.


During ODOT’s project selection process, is the cost of a proposal the primary decision factor on whether or not to accept that proposal?

No, projects are selected based on the potential benefit to ODOT (does it focus on one of our focus areas? See website). Budget is not the primary consideration. The work plan will need to justify the amount of funding being requested, which is why we only require the submission of a budget form once the project is selected for funding.