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Archived Newsletters

 Archived Newsletters

2016 Volume 2.pdf
ORIL Researcher Selections; Snow & Ice Research; Researcher Selections; TRB Visits TRB Abstracts; Sweet Sixteen Awards Researcher Perspective; 2016 Sweet Sixteen Selections; New ORIL Board Member ORIL Board Opportunity ORIL Annual Report; and more
2016 Volume 1.pdf
FY2017 RFPS Issued; Student Study Selections Peer Exchange; Highlighted Project Roadside Ditch Cleaning; TRB Annual Meeting; TRB State Visit NCHRP Synthesis Call; ORIL Selections and Chair; ORIL Research Project; ORCID Research Summit; and more.
2015 Volume 2.pdf
ORIL FY16 Projects; OPREP Hiatus; TRB Abstracts; Forms and Templates
2015 Volume 1.pdf
FY 2016 RFPs; OPREP & Student Study selections; ORIL; Balanced Growth Research; TRB Annual meeting; Research Staff Changes
2014 Volume 2.pdf
ORIL Board Opportunity; FY2015 Researcher Selections; ORIL Research Selections; Linking Land Use Research; Clear Roads Winter Maintenance Research, and more
2014 Volume 1.pdf
FY2015 RFP Issued; OPREP 2015 Recipients; Student Study 2015 Recipients; Tiltmeter Research on the Jeremiah Morrow Bridge; ORIL 2015 Ideas; TRB 2014; Research Summit 2014; and more
2013 Volume 3.pdf
Call for 2015 OPREP and Student Study White Papers; Warm Mix Asphalt Project; Research Projects at OTEC 2013; Local Focused Research FY2014 RFP Repost Researcher Selection; Research Results Presentations New Final Reports; District Research TeamUp ODOT; 
2013 Volume 2.pdf
Research: A Personal Perspectiive - Collaboration is Key; Rockfall Concrete Barrier Evaluation; FY2014 Strategic Research Selections; Research Results Presentations; Snow and Ice Research; Final Reports; Ohio's 2011 Adopting Our Peers' Approach; and more
2013 Volume 1.pdf
RFP 2014 Soliciation Open; Transitioning the Library; OSCOR Update; 2014 and Special RFQ 2013 Selections; Snow Removal Wastewater Disposal Alternatives; In-house Research to Monitor Wildlife Crossings; ORIL Reaches out; and more
2012 Volume 3.pdf
Summit 2012 Highlights; Program & Policy Changes; OPREP & Student Studies; Website Restructuring; Uncontrolled Concrete Bridge Parapet Cracking; and more
2012 Volume 2.pdf
Upcoming Research Events; Research Presentation Results; ODOT Research Cycle; Peer Exchange Report; Website Enhancements; Flood-Warning System and Flood-Inundation Mapping; 2011 Annual Report; and more
2012 Volume 1.pdf
RFP Issued for FY 2013; Contract Changes; TRB Annual Meeting 2012; Research On-Call; Mobility Improvement Study; New in the Library; OTEC 2011; and more
2011 Volume 3.pdf
Call for OPREP Statements; Call for Student Study Statements; New Strategic Research Plan; Field Work Notice; Team Up ODOT; and more
2011 Volume 2.pdf
FY 2012 RFP Selections; OPREP and Student Study Selections; Study of Bankfull Culvert Design Effectiveness Results Presentation; Verification and Calibration of the Design Methods for Rock Socketed Drilled Shafts for Lateral Loads; and more
2011 Volume 1.pdf
OPREP 2012 Call for White Papers; Student Study 2012 Solicitation; New Research Manual; New Final Reports Avaliable On-Line; Ohio Bridge Rideability; and more
2010 Volume 1.pdf
New Faces in IRIS; IRIS Partners with LTAP; ARMS Update; IRIS Focus Areas; 2011 Student Studies; Research Results Presentation; Leap Not Creep; and more
2009 Volume 2.pdf
Call for Student Study Statements; TRB Announces TRISworld; ARMS Development; Research Review Sessions; 2010 Researcher Selection; OPREP 2010 Recipients; and more
2009 Volume 1.PDF
OPREP 2010 RFP; TRB Annual Meeting 2009; Modern Cable-Stayed Design; FY 2010 Student Study Recipients; Developing Projects for Results
2008 Volume 2.pdf
Research Projects - FY 2009; Student Study Selections FY 2009; Wendi Snyder Joins R&D Staff; New Reports Reports Available on the WWW; Transportation Research Program Administration International Scan; and more
2008 Volume 1.pdf
Requests for Proposals FY 2009; OPREP 2009 Request for Proposals; Call for Study Study Problem Statements; Final Reports Available on WWW; ODOT Research Setting Milestones in the LiDAR Industry; and more
2007 Volume 3.pdf
Cooperative Research Seminar 2007; Review of ODOT's Overlay Design Procedure; Traffic Analysis & Simulation Pooled Fund Study; Interstate Technical Group on Abandoned Underground Mines (ITGAUM) Support; and more
2007 Volume 2.pdf
Special Request for Proposals; NCHRP Revises Contract Liability Statement; AASHTO RAC Annual Meeting; OPREP 2008 Project Selection; Evaluation of Effectiveness of Strategic Initiative 9 Pilot Bridge Concepts; and more
2007 Volume 2 Insert.pdf
Cooperative Research Seminar 2007
2007 Volume 1.pdf
FY 2008 Request for Proposals; OPREP 2008 Request for Proposals; A Streamflow Statistics (StreamStats) Web Application for Ohio; Revising the Research Manual; and more
2006 Volume 2.pdf
Prepping for the Future of Transportation Research; RFP for OEPA Permit Compliance; AASHTO RAC 2006; Evaluation of ODOT Roadway/Weather Sensor Systems for Snow and Ice Removal Operations; CPDs for Technical Project Review Sessions; and more  
2006 Volume 1.pdf
Evaluation of the Variation in Pavement Performance Between ODOT Districts; OPREP 2007 - Call for Proposals; New Product Evaluation; Continuous Process Improvement; New University Transportation Centers in Ohio; and more  
2005 Volume 1.pdf
Pressure Distribution Around A Metal Pipe Under Deep Cover; The 56th Annual Ohio Transportation Engineering Conference (OTEC); and more
2004 Volume 4.pdf
Durability and Performance Characteristics of Hot Mix Asphalt Containing Polymer Additives: Phase I; Download Final Reports from the Web; Technical Liaison Training; and more
2004 Volume 4 Insert.pdf
Dynamic Load Environment of Bridge Mounted Sign Support Structures
2004 Volume 3.pdf
Research at the Battelle Center of Excellence; Getting the Maximum Benefit from Research; and more
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