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Division of Planning
Statewide Planning & Research

 Annual Report

Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Report.pdf
Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report.pdf
Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report.pdf
Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Report.pdf
Fiscal Year 2013 Annual Report.pdf
Fiscal Year 2012 Annual Report.pdf
Fiscal Year 2011 Annual Report.pdf

 Other Reports

2015 Peer Exchange Final Report.pdf
2011 Peer Exchange Report.pdf
2006 Peer Exchange Report.pdf


2017 TRB Ohio Guide.pdf
In-House Research Summary.pdf
ODOT's Research Initiative for Locals (ORIL) Summary.pdf
Ohio Guide to TRB 2014.pdf
Ohio TRB Guide 2015.pdf
Research On-call Summary.pdf
Strategic Research Summary.pdf
Student Studies Summary.pdf

 Moving Forward Newsletters

2016 Volume 2.pdf
ORIL Researcher Selections; Snow & Ice Research; Researcher Selections; TRB Visits TRB Abstracts; Sweet Sixteen Awards Researcher Perspective; 2016 Sweet Sixteen Selections; New ORIL Board Member ORIL Board Opportunity ORIL Annual Report; and more
2016 Volume 1.pdf
FY2017 RFPS Issued; Student Study Selections Peer Exchange; Highlighted Project Roadside Ditch Cleaning; TRB Annual Meeting; TRB State Visit NCHRP Synthesis Call; ORIL Selections and Chair; ORIL Research Project; ORCID Research Summit; and more.
2015 Volume 2.pdf
ORIL FY16 Projects; OPREP Hiatus; TRB Abstracts; Forms and Templates
2015 Volume 1.pdf
FY 2016 RFPs; OPREP & Student Study selections; ORIL; Balanced Growth Research; TRB Annual meeting; Research Staff Changes
2014 Volume 2.pdf
ORIL Board Opportunity; FY2015 Researcher Selections; ORIL Research Selections; Linking Land Use Research; Clear Roads Winter Maintenance Research, and more
2014 Volume 1.pdf
FY2015 RFP Issued; OPREP 2015 Recipients; Student Study 2015 Recipients; Tiltmeter Research on the Jeremiah Morrow Bridge; ORIL 2015 Ideas; TRB 2014; Research Summit 2014; and more
2013 Volume 3.pdf
Call for 2015 OPREP and Student Study White Papers; Warm Mix Asphalt Project; Research Projects at OTEC 2013; Local Focused Research FY2014 RFP Repost Researcher Selection; Research Results Presentations New Final Reports; District Research TeamUp ODOT; 
2013 Volume 2.pdf
Research: A Personal Perspectiive - Collaboration is Key; Rockfall Concrete Barrier Evaluation; FY2014 Strategic Research Selections; Research Results Presentations; Snow and Ice Research; Final Reports; Ohio's 2011 Adopting Our Peers' Approach; and more
2013 Volume 1.pdf
RFP 2014 Soliciation Open; Transitioning the Library; OSCOR Update; 2014 and Special RFQ 2013 Selections; Snow Removal Wastewater Disposal Alternatives; In-house Research to Monitor Wildlife Crossings; ORIL Reaches out; and more

 Program Book

FY 2017 Program Book.pdf
FY 2016 Program Book.pdf
FY 2015 Program Book.pdf
FY 2014 Program Book.pdf
FY 2013 Program Book.pdf
FY 2012 Program Book.pdf
FY 2011 Program Book.pdf
FY 2010 Program Book.pdf