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ORIL Request for Proposals

FY2019 Request for Proposals

On behalf of Ohio’s Research Initiative for Locals (ORIL), ODOT’s Research Section is currently accepting proposals for the project listed below.

To view the RFP, please click on the RFP solicitation number. To review the formatting and submission guidelines for ORIL proposals, please click here. To open a template for developing an itemized budget, please click here and select the form titled “BudgetForm” from the list. Be sure to review the guidelines carefully as they differ somewhat from ODOT’s proposal formatting guidelines. Non-compliance with the ORIL proposal formatting and submission guidelines is cause for the rejection of a proposal.

2019-ORIL2Synthesis of Regulations and Laws Pertaining to Roadway/Rail Line Intersections on Ohio’s LocalNone, yet

All questions concerning this RFP, including technical clarifications of the projects as well as formatting and submission of proposals, should be submitted to ORIL@dot.ohio.gov or (614) 644-8135. Clarifications will be posted to this website on the above list under the column titled “clarifications” as they become available, so check here regularly for updates. Cost estimates for the posted projects are not available. Proposals for projects not included in the above list are not being accepted at this time.

Proposals must be submitted as one complete PDF file to ORIL@.dot.ohio.gov. File size for proposals is limited to 20MB. In order to be considered, your submission must be received by ORIL by 3:00 PM (ET) on , September 28, 2018. Absolutely no extensions will be granted to this deadline. All items received after 3:00PM (ET) on September 28, 2018 will not be considered. An email confirmation from ORIL will be sent to the submitting email address acknowledging that the submission has been received. It is the submitters’ responsibility to ensure that their submission has been received by ORIL by the stated deadline. The confirmation email from ORIL is the only acceptable proof that a submission has been made. In the event a submitter wants to challenge whether or not their submission was received by the deadline, the confirmation email from ORIL will be the only evidence accepted. Failure on the submitter’s part to provide a copy of the ORIL confirmation email will result in a submission being considered late and therefore ineligible for consideration.

ORIL’s research program is not a grant program. All research projects are treated as reimbursement contracts for services rendered. ORIL projects utilize ODOT’s standard research contract. To review ODOT’s standard research contract, please click here. If your organization is unable to accept the terms of this contract, do not submit a proposal for consideration. Submission of a proposal is considered an acceptance of the standard research contract. The ORIL program operates in accordance with the ORIL Guidebook. To view the Guidebook, please click here. In accordance, all ORIL projects are subject to the policies and procedures outlined in Chapter 5 of the ODOT RD&T2 Manual of Procedures. To review the manual, please click here.

All posted projects will be funded through ODOT’s State Planning & Research, Part 2 program at a ratio of 80% federal funds and 20% state funds. All posted projects are expected to begin during fiscal year 2019 (July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019); specific start dates for individual projects are not available unless stated in the posted RFP.

The ORIL research program is open to the entire transportation research community, including public and private universities and consultants. ORIL does not prequalify researchers and accepts submissions from out-of-state organizations. Submissions from non-Ohio-based entities must include an Ohio-based subcontractor or partner that has least 20% of the total project hours or cost. ORIL reserves the right to reject any and all proposals. As the contracting agent for ORIL, ODOT is an equal opportunity employer. All projects are subject to the availability of funding.